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Fun for the future!

To realize the provision of “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration,” the BANDAI NAMCO Group conducts CSR activities in accordancewith the concept of “Fun For the Future!” Themes that require special initiatives have been identified as the “BANDAI NAMCO Group’s Important CSR Themes.” In addition, each strategic business unit (SBU) formulates its own “CSR Major InitiativeThemes” and leverages the special characteristics of its operations to implement activities in accordance with those themes.



CSR Action Concept

Fun For the Future!

At BANDAI NAMCO, CSR activities are “Fun For the Future!” Our work is to provide inspiration to customers by realizing individual ideas of “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration.” In turn, those “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration” provide healing and encouragement as they spread around the world. We believe that “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration” can change the world, and even change the future. As a company that provides “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration,” our relationship with the natural environment and society will be guided by the key words “Fun for the future!” We will implement CSR activities that lead to happiness for stakeholders by featuring fun today while also contributing to the creation of fun tomorrow. We believe that entertainment can contribute to society by fostering inspiration and creating a future of “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration.”

The Group’s CSR Initiatives

1. Environmental and Social Responsibilities
2. Economic Responsibilities
3. Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

Compliance Charter

Rules related to appropriate products and services/fair dealings, respect for all employees, information disclosure,respect for and usage of intellectual property, protection of information and resources, rejection of anti-society groups,harmony with the environment, and harmony with society.

BANDAI NAMCO Group’s Important CSR Themes

・Safety and Cleanliness of Products and Services
・Environmental Consideration
・Policies Regarding Influence on Society of the Group’s Content and Products
・Supply Chain Management

Each SBU and affiliated business company sets up priority initiatives and works to identify specific activities related to its business operations.



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