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Initiatives to Develop People that Undertake Future Generations

*Note: Activities are as of the fiscal year ended March 2020.

“Capsule Craft Stamp Eco Handicraft Workshop” for Children

Since FY2014.3, BANDAI has been holding eco-craft workshops for children, our future generation, under the theme of “transforming items that normally go to waste into something fun to play with”. Our “capsule craft stamp” handicraft program in which children enjoy making original stamps by putting together empty capsules from Gashapon® and items from a small factory in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan, has welcomed approximately 47,000 children up to March 31, 2020.

Exhibitions and workshops at various events
Capsule craft stamp

Holding On-Site Lessons on Toys

At BANDAI, we offer on-site lessons for children to learn about the environment, universal design, and safety and security related to toys free of charge in elementary and junior high schools around the Kanto area, Japan.
In FY2020.3, we held lessons at 223 locations (approximately 15,000 participants), including teaching material-based lesson programs that can be conducted at elementary and junior high schools and facilities all throughout Japan.
We also started a new quality control and statistics program designed for upper elementary to junior high school students, based around the government issued curriculum guidelines for learning statistics.

Caravan Tour for Schools in Shanghai, China

BANDAI SPIRITS, in collaboration with a Shanghai-based foundation, holds plastic model classes at educational institutions such as elementary schools in Shanghai. In FY2020.3, we held these classes at 49 locations, providing approximately 24,500 plastic models.

Support Activities for Children in the United States

At BANDAI AMERICA, we have been engaging in social contribution activities in local communities through the BANDAI FOUNDATION since 1995. We organize various events and offer charitable donations in supporting the activities of local charitable organizations as a way of helping primarily children and their families live better lives. We will continue to support charities based on the philosophy of providing a sound future to the children.

Participation in “Children’s Day for Visiting Kasumigaseki”

Since FY2017.3, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has been participating in the Children’s Day for Visiting Kasumigaseki, an event organized by the government offices of Japan in the Kasumigaseki area, with the aim of having children gain a broad understanding of society and the policies of government agencies. In FY2020.3, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment put up a booth exhibiting “The AI Gamer Q56” (developed by BANDAI NAMCO Research Institute) and the AI card game “Iro To Katachi” (developed by BANDAI NAMCO Research Institute and BANDAI NAMCO Studio), which were enjoyed by many.

Sponsorship in “Oshigoto Nenkan (Job Yearbook) 2019”, Career Education Material for Elementary and Junior High School Students

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment sponsored “Oshigoto Nenkan (Job Yearbook) 2019” (issued by Asahi Shimbun Company) which is distributed as a donation to all elementary and junior high schools, the Board of Education, etc., with a view to contributing to career education for children to take interest in jobs.

▲ Company introduction page based on the theme of “How to deliver ‘fun’ to the world”

Guest Lecture on Games Held in the UK

With the aim of fostering creativity in children, members of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment UK visit multiple educational facilities (primarily elementary schools) and give lectures on the history of Pac-Man and the entertainment industry. After the lecture, students and participants get to create their own characters, and teams share ideas in creating games.

Members of Shimane Susanoo Magic Visit Elementary Classes

The professional basketball team Shimane Susanoo Magic, which BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment participates in the management of, conducts “Dream Classes” in which they visit elementary schools in Shimane Prefecture and discuss the dreams and experiences of athletes with students. They visited 22 schools during the 2019-2020 season.

Accepting Visits from Students

At the sports amusement facility VS PARK, operated by BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, we accept requests from local educational institutions for junior high and high school students to come and receive integrated studies classes. In FY2020.3, we provided learning opportunities to students from three junior high schools and one high school who chose to learn about VS PARK in their social studies program by offering lectures and on-site work experience.

Junior high school social studies programs

The Asakusa Hanayashiki amusement park accepted junior and high school students from 6 schools in FY2020.3 as part of the work experience program. The work experience program aims at having students understand the importance of working in society and developing social values and work values so that they can become independent adults in society in the future by participating in the following activities:
▶ Learning various details about the amusement facility (history of Hanayashiki, safety operation of the amusement facility, maintenance activities implemented to have visitors use the facility with a sense of security, etc.)
▶ Experienced-based learning (being assigned to assist with various operations of the facility, e.g., attractions and special events corners, and taking rides at the amusement facility based on a given theme)

At SUNRISE and BANDAI NAMCO Pictures, we receive visits from elementary and junior high school students, offering them opportunities to learn about anime creation and IP production and sharing the voices of workers in the animation industry. In 2019, we received visits from 11 groups (76 students).

Supporting the Space Development Forum

At SUNRISE, which deals with a number of sci-fi animations set in space, we support the Space Development Forum, sponsored by student organizations, and their idea of “Discussing issues that transcend the boundaries of the humanities and sciences by looking at the current state of space development from the perspective of students.” We provided images to be used at a workshop held in September 2019, which had a total of 180 participants, and cooperated with the participants in brainstorming, etc.

Implementing and Supporting Children’s Environmental Activities

As a partner of Junior Eco-Clubs that lets children voluntarily take initiatives on environmental issues and learn about the environment, the BANDAI NAMCO Group sponsors various activities. In addition, Group employees and their families participate in the activities to learn about the environment.

What are Junior Eco-Clubs?

Backed by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Japan Environment Association supports the environmental initiatives of children while promoting collaboration with local governments, companies and organizations. There are approximately 1,800 Junior Eco-Clubs across the country with members totaling about 100,000 as of March 2020.

Environmental study meeting (Sponsor: “Sakasagawa Junior Eco-Club”, an officially registered Junior Eco-Club)