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Policy and Approach

Recognizing the responsibility it has as the Leading Innovator in Global Entertainment, the BANDAI NAMCO Group has clearly spelled out its approach to compliance and ensures that it is known to everyone across the Group. We believe that complying with the relevant laws of all countries and regions while pursuing profit through fair competition, and contributing to society at large through corporate activities, are a vital part of any company’s mission. That is why we formulated the BANDAI NAMCO Group Compliance Charter424KB in April 2007 and announced the BANDAI NAMCO Group Declaration of Compliance in line with the Charter.

Instilling Compliance Awareness

The BANDAI NAMCO Group has formulated the BANDAI NAMCO Group Compliance Charter, which provides eight rules all directors, Audit and Supervisory Board members and employees across the Group must abide by in performing their duties. In order to ensure that the Charter is implemented in daily operations throughout the Group companies, the Group created the BANDAI NAMCO Group Compliance Book and distributed it to all directors, Audit and Supervisory Board members and employees to use as a guide.

In FY2018.3 we conducted four compliance-themed e-learning sessions for our directors, Audit and Supervisory Board members and employees, which a total of about 25,000 people attended, along with a compliance awareness survey. Individual Group companies also conducted their own training with the focus on specific compliance issues. We will continue to conduct training on a regular basis in order to raise compliance awareness and enhance our compliance program.

Risk Management

Recognizing the importance of risk management in sustaining healthy business activities, the BANDAI NAMCO Group has stipulated the Group Risk Compliance Rules to provide action guidelines that every director, Audit and Supervisory Board member and employee should follow in the event of a crisis. The Group Risk Compliance Committee chaired by the BANDAI NAMCO Holdings president was also established to assess and prevent risks and maintain a readiness to quickly respond to any crisis that should occur.

In the event that any regulatory violation is found at a Group company, its compliance committee will inform the Group Risk Compliance Committee in accordance with the Group Risk Compliance Rules. We will continue working to enhance our risk management capabilities so we can accurately assess trends in society and respond to various risks associated with corporate management quickly and appropriately.

Whistleblower System

BANDAI NAMCO Group companies maintain a whistleblower system under their own internal rules. The rules require employees to consult with their supervisor or notify the president, a corporate lawyer, an internal contact person, or a corporate auditor via the whistleblower system (hotline) when they discover any regulatory violation. In accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act and other relevant regulations, the whistleblower system ensures that whistleblowers will not be treated disadvantageously due to reporting misconduct. In the event that a regulatory violation has been verified through the whistleblower system, the relevant Group company will take appropriate action in accordance with its compliance rules.