Support Activities to Counter the Spread of COVID-19 Infections

Provision of Entertainment under the “New Normal”

At Bandai Namco Entertainment, we took initiatives, including the provision of some games free of charge for a limited period of time and the distribution of virtual backgrounds that can be used for online meetings. In addition, we delivered infection prevention messages, such as “Let’s gargle” and “Let’s wash hands,” through our various IP characters on our official SNS.

Publication of Video Introducing Exercises to Try Indoors

BANDAI offers free online streaming of exercise videos using IP to support children enjoying exercising even when they are indoors. The videos help children eliminate the lack of exercise together with the IP characters. The exercise details have been proposed under the supervision of Senshi Fukashiro, Health and Sport Sciences and Professor at Japan Women’s College of Physical Education.


Support for the Healthcare Environment with Mold Production Technology Applied in Production of Toys

SEEDS, in response to a request from Kikuna Memorial Hospital (located in Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture), produced face shields and donated them to the hospital in April 2020. We formally began production of face shields in May 2020 and have been selling them to medical institutions in a sequential manner.

Face shield

Injection molding machine

Support for the Live Entertainment Industry

Bandai Namco Arts (currently Bandai Namco Music Live) provided support by donating to a fund established by an industrial organization to business operators and staff members in Japan’s live entertainment industry, which is facing considerable difficulties in continuing to implement activities.

Free Online Enlightenment Poster to Promote Hand Washing for Preventing Infection

SUNRISE (currently Bandai Namco Filmworks), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, created a poster featuring Aqours, a school idol group that appears in Love Live! Sunshine!!, that promotes hand washing to prevent the COVID-19 infections, and has been distributing the poster free of charge since May 12, 2020. The poster is available on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s site, the official site of Love Live! Sunshine!! and on SNS. It can be printed out by anyone and used at facilities, environments, etc. to promote the awareness of knowledge on hand washing.

Poster distribution on the official site of Love Live! Sunshine!!

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Free Distribution of The Bear’s School Video for Children

Bandai Namco Holdings and Charaken created “Video-Version Jackie Caravan,” a video using The Bear’s School children’s picture book series to support children spending enjoyable times even under the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer limited distribution and lend the DVD version through the “Bear’s School Faculty Room” on the free information membership site for teachers in kindergartens and nursery schools. In FY2021.3, we implemented the first distribution in September and the second distribution in January.