Material Issues

Specification of Material Issues

Aiming to further enhance the effectiveness of CSR activities, since 2010 the Group has taken steps to address the Bandai Namco Group’s Important CSR Themes, which have been periodically reviewed. The Bandai Namco Group takes into consideration the changes in its business environment as well as the expanding expectations and demands of communities. As a member of society, we strive to support the realization of a sustainable world. Accordingly, in order to develop CSR activities into sustainability activities, from FY2022.3 we have specified the Group’s material issues (reviewed the appropriateness of important CSR themes) based on the Bandai Namco Group Sustainability Policy. Since April 2022, based on the specified material issues, we have been working to establish targets and implement initiatives.

Process of establishing material issues

The Bandai Namco Group determined its material issues through the following process.



From the perspectives outlined below, we created a list of social issues to be analyzed and narrowed the list to 20 items.



We mapped these items on two axes: Importance to Stakeholders and Importance to the Bandai Namco Group.



We incorporated the content of management deliberations and specified the material issues. We obtained comments from outside experts.

Perspectives that are emphasized during establishment/verification

The Bandai Namco Group’s Approach and Policies

  • The Bandai Namco Group Corporate Philosophy
  • The Bandai Namco Group Sustainability Policy
  • The Bandai Namco Group Compliance Charter
  • The Bandai Namco Group Mid-term Plan
  • Related Group policies/guidelines (Group Sustainability Regulations)

Trends and Demands of Society in Japan and Around the World

  • Various policies and guidelines from international institutions, research institutions, and governments Example: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Ministry of the Environment’s Environmental Report Guidelines, GRI Guidelines, TCFD recommendations, SASB standards, ESG evaluation institution guidelines and reports (CDP, MSCI, Sustainalytics, FTSE), etc.
  • Interviews with outside experts
  • Consumer surveys (implemented at irregular intervals)
  • Initiatives of companies that are advanced in regard to Sustainability

Specified Material Issues

Harmonious coexistence with the natural environment

We believe that the promotion of business operations that reflect consideration for the natural environment is essential for the achievement of sustainability for society and for companies. Together with a variety of stakeholders, the Group is aiming for harmonious coexistence with the natural environment.

Provision of appropriate products and services

With our priority on the safety and peace of mind of customers, based on appropriate ethical standards, we strive to increase customer satisfaction by working together with partners to provide safe, high-quality products and services.

Appropriate utilization and protection of intellectual property

The Group is working to contribute to the sustainable development of entertainment through the appropriate use and protection of IP (characters and other intellectual property), which are important management assets.

Establishment of work environments that facilitate mutual respect

We aim to support sustained development for society and companies by establishing workplace environments that facilitate mutual respect and enable everyone to work energetically, including not only employees but also everyone else associated with the Bandai Namco Group.

Harmonious coexistence with communities

The Bandai Namco Group aims to live and grow together with local communities in order continue to be a Group that is appreciated by communities and fans and is necessary for society.