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Establishment of Work
Environments That
Facilitate Mutual Respect

We aim to support the sustainable development of society and business by establishing workplace environments that facilitate mutual respect and enable everyone to work energetically, including not only employees but also everyone else associated with the Bandai Namco Group.

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Relevant SDGs
Key Items
  • Establishment of an employee-friendly workplace environment
  • Human resources development
  • Promotion of diversity and inclusion
  • Supply chain management (labor)

Key Items and Main Measures

The Bandai Namco Group is working to create a healthy workplace environment where employees feel a sense of security, aiming to become a company where each and every employee is highly engaged no matter their stage of life.

Each Bandai Namco Group company carries out personnel management (employment, assignment, development, evaluation, remuneration, employee benefits, etc.) according to the characteristics of their respective businesses.

The Bandai Namco Group is committed to being a group that demonstrates the concept of “same spirit, diverse talents,” where its companies and employees with varied talents, individual characteristics, and values play an active role. We respect the diversity of our people and adopt a common Groupwide policy for recruitment and promotion focused on factors other than when a person was hired (new graduate or mid-career), or their gender, age, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation. We are working to establish systems, programs and a work environment that bring out the best in our diverse pool of human resources and that ensure the physical and mental well-being of our employees at work.

Improving labor environments in the supply chain will encourage job retention and result in higher quality products and services, which will bring a smile to the faces of stakeholders, foremost of which are customers. The Bandai Namco Group is working to safeguard human rights and improve the labor environment across the entire supply chain.

Learn about our initiatives for respecting human rights,
including our Human Rights Policy.

Main Initiatives

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