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Fundamental Approach

The Bandai Namco Group respects the fundamental human rights of all people. Under Bandai Namco’s Purpose of Fun for All into the Future, we established the Bandai Namco Group Compliance Charter, as a code of conduct that all directors and employees must follow in their work in order to create a future of dreams, fun, and inspiration with people around the world.

In addition, the Bandai Namco Group set “establishment of work environments that facilitate mutual respect” as one of its material issues. This means that we aim to support sustained development for society and companies by establishing workplace environments that facilitate mutual respect and enable everyone associated with the Bandai Namco Group to work energetically.

We recognize our responsibility to respect the human rights of all stakeholders, including employees, their families, and business partners. Toward this end, we promote an understanding of human rights across the entire supply chain, take steps to prevent the emergence of human rights issues, and work to resolve issues that have already been identified. At the same time, we continue working to raise awareness of human rights across the entire Group and advance initiatives aimed at respect for human rights.

Bandai Namco Group Human Rights Policy154KB

The Bandai Namco Group Compliance Charter207KB

Establishment of Work Environments That Facilitate Mutual Respect

Modern Slavery Transparency Act Statement150KB

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