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Harmonious Coexistence
with the Natural Environment

The Bandai Namco Group believes that the promotion of business operations that reflect consideration for the natural environment is essential for the sustainability of society and for business. Together with a variety of stakeholders, the Group is aiming for harmonious coexistence with the natural environment.

Relevant SDGs
Key Items
  • Enhanced response to climate change
  • Sustainable use of resources and raw materials
  • Supply chain management (environment)

Key Items and Main Measures

The frequent occurrence of extreme weather and damages and impacts on the natural environment caused by climate change poses a major risk to not only businesses but also the activities of communities around the world. Companies have a responsibility to lower CO2 emissions from their business activities and respond to climate change.

Find out more about our policies, systems,
and targets for decarbonization following the TCFD′s recommended disclosures

Companies are responsible for helping to achieve a sustainable, recycling-oriented society. Today, the world is making greater efforts to reduce waste by reviewing raw materials and reining in the use of plastics that could harm marine and other ecosystems. The Bandai Namco Group stands committed to reducing and controlling its waste emissions, in addition to using natural raw materials more efficiently and to a lesser extent.

Reduction of environmental impacts cannot be fully achieved with the efforts of a single corporation. The Bandai Namco Group is addressing environmental issues across the entire supply chain in an effort to achieve a sustainable value chain with fewer environmental impacts.

Main Initiatives

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