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Harmonious Coexistence
with Communities

The Bandai Namco Group aims to live and grow together with local communities in order to continue to be a Group that is appreciated by communities and fans and is necessary for society.

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Relevant SDGs
Key Items
  • Collaboration with local communities
  • Educational assistance for the next generation
  • Invigoration of fan communities

Key Items and Main Measures

As a member of the local community, the Bandai Namco Group engages in social activities together with communities and continues working toward the revitalization of local economies using its IP.

As the leaders of tomorrow, children are an important pillar of our future. The Bandai Namco Group focuses on activities that help foster the next generation through education and sports. We are also working to support children’s welfare and health.

The Bandai Namco Group’s IP will be used to bring information to fans around the world in ways not possible before. The Bandai Namco Group stands fully committed to harnessing the power of IP to ensure the sustainability of tomorrow.

Main Initiatives

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