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Editorial Policy


The Bandai Namco Group facilitates communication with stakeholders and fulfills its accountability on an ongoing basis. As part of these efforts, the Group began publishing a CSR report in 2007. Since 2017, we have published an integrated report combining the previous annual report and CSR report, and have also disclosed pertinent information on our corporate website.

This website provides information on the Bandai Namco Group's Sustainability Policy, related data, and examples of our initiatives with the goal of informing more stakeholders about the Bandai Namco Group's sustainability activities. Every effort has been made to provide the latest information on this website and in our integrated report. We trust that you will use these sources of information accordingly.

Reporting Boundary

Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries inside and outside of Japan
・Includes the initiatives of certain non-consolidated subsidiaries.
・Footnotes are used to denote data that deviates from this reporting boundary.

Reporting Period

April 2022 to March 2023
Note: In some cases, includes information covering periods before or after the above period.

Date of Publication

November 2023
Next update scheduled for October or November 2024

Guidelines Referenced

We refer to the following reporting guidelines and frameworks for disclosing information on sustainability.

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI)
  • SASB Standards (SASB)
  • Environmental Reporting Guidelines (Japan’s Ministry of the Environment)
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