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Creating a future of smiles around the world together with stakeholders

Engaging in sustainability activities as part of our efforts to realize the Bandai Namco Group’s Purpose

The Purpose, the ultimate definition of Bandai Namco Group, is “Fun for All into the Future.” Our Purpose encapsulates our strong commitment to work together to create the future by connecting people and people, people and society, and people and the world through dreams, fun, and inspiration. We are also committed to delivering fun and inspiration to people around the world and pursuing smiles and happiness into the future.

Recognizing that sustainability is a top priority, the Bandai Namco Group has set sustainability as one of its key strategies in its medium-term plan, which kicked off in April 2022. We are now working on a variety of sustainability activities under the slogan "connecting to smiles into the future.”

Climate change, elimination of plastics, biodiversity, water issues, food issues, diversity, and human rights issues—today, the world faces a number of challenges. Solving these challenges will not be an easy task.

Deliver fun and inspiration to people around the world and pursue smiles and happiness into the future

Our intellectual properties (IP), including characters and other intellectual assets, offer infinite potential. Bandai Namco’s products and services enrich the spirit and give hope to people around the world. We play a role in the smiles of people worldwide. We solve various social issues together while delivering smiles and happiness to people around the world. We create a future with enriched spirit created through entertainment together with all people around the world. These attributes best describe Bandai Namco.

The Bandai Namco Group is stepping up efforts to fulfill its Purpose of providing “Fun for All into the Future” within its sustainability initiatives, aiming to connect our worldwide fans, business partners, Group members, and society, and create smiles and happiness in people around the world.

Masaru Kawaguchi
Group CEO
President and Representative Director
Bandai Namco Holdings Inc.

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