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“Working together to create things” for a Bandai Namco style of sustainability

The Bandai Namco Group is responding to the urgent need for society to establish sustainability by reimagining our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as sustainability initiatives and setting them as one of our top priorities in our medium-term management plan. Prior to launching the plan, we reverified our Important CSR Themes and designated key issues that should be given priority as our issues of materiality.
As we advance initiatives in each theme, we are currently working to instill a deep understanding in the Group of the material issues. We are closely monitoring how our processes and initiatives are working at our front-line operations and promptly addressing any obstacles that arise. We are also focusing on raising awareness of the issues among our human capital, the Group employees who are diligently implementing the initiatives.

We have also recast the Group CSR Committee as the Group Sustainability Committee and shifted direct responsibility from the president to the board of directors, which consists of the full-time directors of the holding company and the presidents of the business management companies. This reorganization will better facilitate management and business collaboration and enable faster decision-making.
We also created the Group Sustainability Subcommittee with myself, as CSO, serving as the head of its secretariat. The subcommittee’s functions include communicating the status of sustainability initiatives at our business sites and working with our front-line operators to formulate specific measures. In fiscal 2022, we introduced sustainability evaluations to our executive remuneration program. With these changes, I will fulfill my duty as CSO to continue advancing the Group’s sustainability initiatives toward our objectives.

I believe our Purpose of “working together to create things” is what makes Bandai Namco unique. We are taking that same approach to sustainability. Rather than having a single department leading our efforts, the whole Group is joining with its fans and all stakeholders and collaborating across departments and companies for a multiplication effect. By working together, we will produce a uniquely Bandai Namco style of sustainability.

Yuji Asako
Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
Bandai Namco Holdings Inc.

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