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Risk Management

The Bandai Namco Group has established the Group Risk Compliance Committee, chaired by the President and Representative Director of Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. The committee’s members include full-time directors and it has a secretariat. With this organization in charge, we have strengthened Groupwide risk management and put into place a system to respond to crises. Within this framework, we are working to strengthen compliance, prevent compliance violations, and enhance information security.

Composition of Group Risk Compliance Committee

Risk and Crisis Management System

Each Bandai Namco Group company has established a risk and crisis management organization pursuant to the Group Risk Compliance Rules to ensure proper responses to risks and crises that occur or could occur in the regions where they are located. These risk and crisis management organizations, with the assistance of business management companies or overseas regional management companies, strengthen their risk management during normal times and are responsible for addressing a risk or crisis that emerges.

In addition, the Group Risk Compliance Committee oversees the risk and crisis management system for the entire Group as well as determines policy on how to respond to and resolve risks and crises judged to affect the Group.

Response to Risks and Crises

Whenever a risk or crisis occurs that exceeds a certain threshold, the person in charge of risk and crisis management at Group companies, both in Japan and overseas, reports and shares information on the matter to the Group Risk Compliance Committee and other relevant locations using a dedicated system, leading the response as necessary.

If the matter is judged to require a response by the entire Group, the Group Risk Compliance Committee will meet to determine and instruct an appropriate course of action.

Crisis Response Workflow

Formulation of BCP and Implementation

Each Group company prepares a business continuity plan (BCP) according to the prescribed format in the Bandai Namco Group Basic Policy on Business Continuity Planning. If an important resource incurs damages due to a disaster or other contingency, each Group company will respond based on their own BCP. The details of these BCP are reviewed and updated annually, while each Group company also conducts BCP training on possible contingencies.

Furthermore, if an earthquake above a certain level strikes somewhere in Japan, or if a contingency is judged to occur requiring confirmation of employee safety, each Group company checks the safety of its employees and their families residing or working in the affected region using the safety confirmation system.

Bandai Namco Group Basic Policy on Business Continuity Planning

In accordance with Bandai Namco’s Purpose, “Fun for All into the Future,” the Bandai Namco Group aims to pursue people’s smiles and happiness by providing dreams, fun, and inspiration around the world. We also aspire to connect people and people, people and societies, and people and the world in the enjoyment of uniquely entertaining products and services.

In the event of a serious disaster or contingency, the Bandai Namco Group hopes to continue bringing dreams, fun, and inspiration to everyone around the world by quickly resuming or sustaining its operations, with utmost concern given to human life.

  • We will prioritize the safety of Group employees, their families, and our customers.
  • We will quickly restore business operations to fulfill our responsibility of providing products and services.
  • We will support reconstruction and recovery through collaboration with the local community.

Efforts to Eliminate Antisocial Forces

The Bandai Namco Group has clearly stated its commitment to reject antisocial forces in the Bandai Namco Group Compliance Charter, which is the code of conduct that all directors and employees must comply with when executing business.

In our contracts with suppliers, we have included a provision for the elimination of organized crime groups and other antisocial forces, and our Group companies conduct risk checks when beginning business with new suppliers. In 2022, with the aim of further strengthening our ability to eliminate antisocial forces, we developed a new risk check framework for all Group companies in Japan that utilizes a database on antisocial forces. Based on this framework, we have commenced checks for new and existing suppliers.

Recognizing the importance of making consistent efforts to eliminate antisocial forces, we will continue to work accordingly.

Activities to Raise Awareness Internally

We also make efforts internally to raise awareness so that employees respond appropriately during a risk or crisis and that we restore operations in a timely manner. We hold the Risk Management Conference for persons in charge of risk and crisis management at Group companies in Japan and abroad to share the latest information on risk management. We also regularly conduct e-learning for employees on risk and crisis management, as well as disaster prevention, and hold risk and crisis management seminars.

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