Initiatives to Develop People that Undertake Future Generations

Holding On-Site Lessons on Toys

At BANDAI, we offer on-site lessons for children to learn about the environment, universal design, safety and security, and statistics and quality control related to toys free of charge in elementary and junior high schools around the Kanto area, Japan.

In FY2021.3, we held lessons at 94 locations (approximately 6,500 participants), including teaching material-based lesson programs that can be conducted at elementary and junior high schools and facilities all throughout Japan. In order to prevent COVID-19 infections, we cancelled the lessons between April and June 2021 and held lessons under a limited condition from July onwards. However, we are implementing new initiatives, such as conducting trial online-based on-site lessons.

Caravan Tour for Schools in Shanghai, China

BANDAI SPIRITS, in collaboration with a Shanghai-based foundation, holds plastic model classes at educational institutions such as elementary schools in Shanghai.

*Classes were cancelled in FY2021.3 in light of the status of the spread of COVID-19. (Photo is from activities in FY2020.3.)

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Support Activities for Children in the United States

At BANDAI AMERICA, we have been engaging in social contribution activities in local communities through the BANDAI FOUNDATION since 1995. We organize various events and offer charitable donations in supporting the activities of local charitable organizations as a way of helping primarily children and their families live better lives. In FY2021.3, we participated in online volunteer activities. We will continue to support charities based on the philosophy of providing a sound future to the children.

Sponsorship in “Oshigoto Nenkan (Job Yearbook) 2020”, Career Education Material for Elementary and Junior High School Students

Bandai Namco Entertainment sponsored “Oshigoto Nenkan (Job Yearbook) 2020” (issued by Asahi Shimbun Company) which is distributed as a donation to all elementary and junior high schools, the Board of Education, etc., with a view to contributing to career education for children to take interest in jobs.

▲ Company introduction page based on the theme of “How are popular character products created?”

Career Education through Online Classes “Careers in Video Games”

Bandai Namco Entertainment UK Ltd. hosted online classes where children drew up game plans and presented their ideas to one another. By having children come up with ideas not only for game content but also for product planning, we contributed to offer career education for children who took these lessons.

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Members of Shimane Susanoo Magic Visit Kindergarten, Nursery School and Elementary Classes

The professional basketball team Shimane Susanoo Magic, which Bandai Namco Entertainment participates in the management of, conducts “Dream Classes” in which they visit kindergartens, nursery schools and elementary schools in Shimane Prefecture and discuss the dreams and experiences of athletes with students. They visited 17 sites in FY2021.3.

Accepting Visits from Students

At SUNRISE (currently Bandai Namco Filmworks) and Bandai Namco Pictures, we receive visits from elementary and junior high school students, offering them opportunities to learn about anime creation and IP production and sharing the voices of workers in the animation industry. In 2020, we received visits from 7 schools (100 students).

Supporting the Space Development Forum

At SUNRISE (currently Bandai Namco Filmworks), which deals with a number of sci-fi animations set in space, we support the Space Development Forum, sponsored by student organizations, and their idea of “Discussing issues that transcend the boundaries of the humanities and sciences by looking at the current state of space development from the perspective of students.” We provided images to be used at a forum held in 2020, which had a total of 150 participants, and cooperated with the participants in brainstorming, etc. (Photos are scenes from the online forum held in 2020.)

Streaming of JAXA Online Symposium 2020 Collaboration Project

In a joint project with “JAXA Symposium 2020@Online,” Bandai Namco Amusement provided streaming of a “Message from #Hayabusa 2,” which is content comprised of a story and experience offering new sensations generated by going back and forth between online and offline.

Furthermore, in holding the JAXA Symposium online, we undertook the design and development of the virtual entrance hall and event venue, and the development of the display content “Tsukuba Space Center Virtual Tour” and the “Hayabusa 2’ AR Simulator.”

These initiatives are intended to encourage the children and students who will be the next generation to feel closer to space and have fun taking interest in it.

As values toward entertainment change significantly due to changes in the social environment and lifestyles, we will also strive to propose new forms of fun that are safe and secure even under the New Normal, regardless of the location (online/offline) and communication method.

Implementing and Supporting Children’s Environmental Activities

As a partner of Junior Eco-Clubs that lets children voluntarily take initiatives on environmental issues and learn about the environment, the Bandai Namco Group sponsors various activities. In addition, Group employees and their families participate in the activities to learn about the environment.

What are Junior Eco-Clubs?

Backed by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Japan Environment Association supports the environmental initiatives of children while promoting collaboration with local governments, companies and organizations. There are approximately 1,700 Junior Eco-Clubs across the country with members totaling about 90,000 as of March 2021.

Environmental study meeting (Sponsor: “Sakasagawa Junior Eco-Club”, an officially registered Junior Eco-Club)(Photos from activities in FY2020.3)