Education and Training

The Bandai Namco Group respects the diversity of employees, and each Group company carries out personnel management (employment, assignment, development, evaluation, remuneration, employee benefits, etc.) according to their respective characteristics. On this page, we introduce initiatives related to education and training taken by the business management company of each Unit (business).

Entertainment Unit (Digital Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the business management company.

At Bandai Namco Entertainment, in addition to training based on position, which allows employees to acquire skills in accordance with their roles, we also have “selection training”, which aims to develop human resources that can create business, “free-selection training” (15 programs per year), which is designed to meet the needs of individual employees, and more.

In each of our training sessions, we actively incorporate hands-on activities, such as business etiquette training using game methods, so that employees can gain an awareness on their own. Our training is carried out so that it is easy to learn, allows for a broad perspective, and can be used for work.

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s major education & training curriculums Results for FY2021.3
Training by position 94 employees
New employee training 47 employees
Free-selection training Total of 255 employees
Business creation human resources development training 13 employees

Entertainment Unit (Toys and Hobby Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by BANDAI, the business management company.

At BANDAI, the theme for human resources development is “autonomy and independence”. For new employees, we implement programs designed to develop new employees become individuals who can think, learn and take action on their own. Meanwhile, for mid-career employees, we implement programs that encourage them to look back on themselves and create awareness, and help guide employees to solving issues they face. We implement a broad range of education and training programs to accommodate diverse needs. For example, we provide the “Badai Namco Adventure Program” for employees hired after graduation to recognize the importance of team-building. We also implement a variety of education and training programs, such as holding the Early Morning English Activity (“Eikatsu”) to support employees enhancing their language skills.

*Photo from FY2020.3.

BANDAI’s major education & training curriculums Results for FY2021.3
Adventure Program * 56 employees
Third-year employee training 54 employees
Early Morning English Activity (“Eikatsu”) 34 employees

*Training was alternatively implemented online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

IP Production Unit (Visual and Music Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Arts, the business management company.

Each year, Bandai Namco Arts implements training on legal matters and intellectual property to the employees of companies belonging to the Unit to have employees deepen their understanding of copyright, which is a basic element in the Visual and Music Production Unit. In addition, we implement training to enhance the knowledge and skills of individual employees, as well as provide stratified training programs and support for self-enlightenment of employees, by adopting an incentive system that helps employees obtain qualifications. In addition, we adopt a system to provide partial subsidies for language school course fees to help employees broaden their opportunities to take on active roles. We are also actively supporting employees to participate in external seminars.

Product quality display seminar (All training sessions in FY2021.3 were held online. Photo is from FY2020.3.)

Bandai Namco Art’s major education & training curriculums Results for FY2021.3
Training on copyright - total of five sessions Total of 177 employees
Training for enhancement of knowledge and skills (contracts, trademarks and others) - total of 6 sessions Total of 241 employees

IP Production Unit (Creation Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by SUNRISE, the business management company.

At SUNRISE, we implement a variety of training programs such as “harassment prevention training” to prevent various harassment in the workplace for workers, including the corporate officers, “training for employees in charge of staff development” that provides guidance on the skills and the mindset in developing new staff, and external training for mid-level employees to attain necessary skills, on top of the joint training programs held for the entire Bandai Namco Group, such as the “5th year training” and the “new manager training.”

*Photos from FY2020.3.

SUNRISE’s major education & training curriculums Results for FY2021.3
New employee training 15 employees
5th year training 4 employees
New manager training 2 employees
Harassment prevention training 65 employees

Amusement Unit

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Amusement, the business management company.

At Bandai Namco Amusement, we aim at implementing education and training to realize “REAL INNOVATORS.”

For new employees, we offer a program throughout the year to learn about thinking on their own and taking action while getting others around them involved, and we subsequently continue to periodically provide training to support employees to develop into human resources that drive our business.

In FY2021.3, due also to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, programs replaced the conventional group training and held all training sessions online.

Bandai Namco Amusement’s major education & training curriculums Results for FY2021.3
New employee training 35 employees
Store manager training 213 employees
New evaluator training 10 employees

Affiliated Business Companies

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by Bandai Namco Will, Bandai Namco’s special subsidiary.

At Bandai Namco Will, we work to establish an environment in which employees with disabilities (staff) can better demonstrate their skills by, for example, providing training on compliance, including information security and harassment, to staff, and holding study sessions to deepen the understanding of disabilities by type for instructors who provide operational guidance to staff. In addition, employees with the qualification of vocational life consultants for persons with disabilities (job coaching qualification) are providing highly specialized support for resolving issues (support for job retention).