Creating an Employee-Friendly Workplace Environment

The Bandai Namco Group respects the diversity of employees, and each Group company carries out personnel management (employment, assignment, development, evaluation, remuneration, employee benefits, etc.) according to their respective characteristics. On this page, we introduce the initiatives taken for creating an employee-friendly workplace environment by the business management company of each Unit (business).

Entertainment Unit (Digital Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the business management company.

Bandai Namco Entertainment values the importance of employees to work with sound physical and mental health. We provide employees with detailed health checkups according to age as well as support the sound mental health of employees via phone consultations by specialists, consultations on health by a full-time industrial physician or public health nurse, counseling by phone, e-mail or face-to-face interviews by an in-house or outside counselor, etc.

Additionally, in considering the safety of employees and their surroundings, we call for thorough implementation of mask wearing, disinfection, temperature measurement, staggered commuting, and social distancing as well as move forward in creating a safe and comfortable workplace environment by, for example, carrying out renovation work to increase solo work spaces in light of the growing demand for remote meetings under the new working style.

Implementation of “Family Event”

With a view to interacting with the families that are always supportive of our employees, and with employees of Group companies, Bandai Namco Entertainment holds the “Family Event”. In FY2021.3, we held the “Online Thanks Fair” so that everyone could feel safe and secure in participating in the event even during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the day of the event, we held classes for assembling and decorating plastic models, making sweets, learning magic and so on, and many employees and their family members participated.

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Entertainment Unit (Toys and Hobby Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by BANDAI, the business management company.

At BANDAI, we have established life support regulations with the objective of establishing supportive workplace environments for employees in a variety of household circumstances and increasing their motivation to work with peace of mind. In addition, we formulated the Family Friendly Plan in recognition that being considerate to the various stages of life of employees leads to having employees achieve self-realization in their jobs. Under this plan, employees can take leaves not only for marriage, childbirth, childcare, infertility treatment, child nursing care and care for children refusing to go to school but also for reasons that may occur going forward in an aging society, such as nursing and elderly care, and receive support funds.

Anniversary Celebration System

BANDAI adopts a system to celebrate anniversaries of its employees and their children. On an employee’s birthday, their boss writes a handwritten message on a card with a message from the president printed on it and presents it to the employee along with a bookstore gift card. Children also receive a card with a message from the president printed on it, as well as a kid’s gift card, on their birth month.

IP Production Unit (Visual and Music Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Arts, the business management company.

With the aim of creating an environment in which employees can work with a greater sense of security and ease, Bandai Namco Arts encourages employees to maintain good health. For example, we subsidize fees for health checkups, allowing even employees in their 20s to take a thorough medical checkup without having to pay for it personally. In an effort to establish an increasingly worker-friendly environment, we have also put in place various systems, such as the life support system, flex time system (no core time set), system to recognize continuous service, teleworking system, reinstatement support, childbirth and childcare support system, and child-rearing flex time system (may be used up until the child finishes the 6th grade of elementary school).

Introduction of Free Addresses in Offices

In the offices of Bandai Namco Arts, we have implemented a free address system where desks are not specifically designated to individuals and employees freely select where to sit and work. Since this system allows employees of different departments to sit next to each other and carry on conversations, it has created an environment in which new ideas and initiatives are more likely to be generated.

IP Production Unit (Creation Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by SUNRISE, the business management company.

At SUNRISE, we provide periodical physical check-ups, stress checks and other support for employees to work with a healthy mind and body. In addition, we have in place systems to support a variety of work styles, such as the flex-time system that allows flexible work styles, the discretionary labor system, reduced working hours, and staggered working hours. We also organize in-house events aimed at increasing communication among employees and maintain an environment in which employees can work comfortably in many ways.

Implementation of “Family Event”

At SUNRISE, we hold the “Family Event” with a view to interacting with the families that are always supportive of our employees and with employees of Group companies. In FY2021.3, we held the event online so that everyone could feel safe and secure in participating in the event, and about 150 employees and their family members participated. On the day of the event, we held classes for Gunpla and drawing experiences, an “Aikatsu!” dance party, company visit experience, and others.

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Amusement Unit

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Amusement, the business management company.

At Bandai Namco Amusement, we believe that “healthy mind and body”, “sense of security for the future” and “satisfying use of free time” are essential for employees to be able to fully demonstrate their strengths. To have employees work with a healthy mind and body, we provide support by offering a menu of items including health check-ups, consultation on healthcare, and mental health care. In addition, we have in place various other systems and measures, including the “refresh leave”, which allows employees to take a planned extended vacation, the flex-time system that allows employees to flexibly choose their working styles, and the life support system.

Furthermore, since we operate amusement facilities across Japan, when employees are given an assignment that requires moving, the company provides adequate support, including arranging for residence at the assigned location and subsidizing housing expenses, to reduce the burden on employees.

Work-life Balance Initiatives

ACTIview Project

This is a project to create a workplace in which each and every person with various attributes and values can take active roles with enthusiasm to create “a new world of play with no boundaries”, which is our mission.

Activities in FY2021.3:
  • Implementation of employee questionnaires: In an effort to create an employee-friendly workplace environment, we implemented questionnaires to hear the voices of employees.
  • Opening of an information delivery portal site: We deliver information to enhance work-life balance, such as introducing various systems related to childcare, elderly care, and so on, and sharing reports of employees who have taken a childcare leave.
  • Implementation of a cafeteria-type online seminar: We assist employees in enhancing their careers by offering a series of curriculums, including career design, management, work-efficiency enhancement, from which employees can choose and take.

Online Stretching Seminar

At present, employees assigned at the head office are encouraged to work from home 70% of their time. To maintain the health and increase productivity of teleworking employees, we held a stretching seminar online.

The lecturer for the seminar was Ryosuke Sakai, a trampolinist who joined the Company under top athlete hiring in April 2020 and currently belongs to the Corporate Planning Division, and a public health nurse in the Healthcare Team also provided guidance. In the first half of the seminar, the public health nurse gave a lecture about managing health daily while working from home and health issues that are likely to occur and specific means to resolve them. In the latter half, Mr. Sakai explained and demonstrated easy stretches to do at home and in the office to ease the strain on body parts, such as the neck, lower back and lower half of the body, that is likely to occur when working from home.

Affiliated Business Companies

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by Bandai Namco Will, Bandai Namco’s special subsidiary.

Staff Commendation System

At Bandai Namco Will, we annually commend employees in recognition for excellent performance at work throughout the year, continuous service (3, 5, and 10 years of service), and active performance in the fields of sports and culture and support for such activities.

Also, disabled employees who take part in the Abilympics competition are recognized for skills cultivated while carrying out their daily work duties.

Two employees participated in the 40th Japan Abilympics held in November 2020. In addition, at the Tokyo representative selection meet for the 41st Japan Abilympics held in March 2021, seven employees participated in four competitions, and two were selected to represent Tokyo.

National Abilympics

Birthday Leave System

Bandai Namco Will promotes employees to take annual paid leaves as part of its approach to promoting favorable work-life balance, and adopts the birthday leave system in the hope of employees taking this special leave on their birthdays to spend valuable time with their families and others. The acquisition rate of birthday leaves in FY2021.3 was 100%.