Policies / Basic Approach

The Bandai Namco Group respects the diversity of employees, and each Group company carries out personnel management (employment, assignment, development, evaluation, remuneration, employee benefits, etc.) according to their respective characteristics. On this page, we introduce the policies and basic approach of the business management company of each Unit (business).

Entertainment Unit (Digital Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the business management company.

At Bandai Namco Entertainment, we aim to become a company that delivers “more fun for everyone” to our customers through not only our game business but also a wide range of business activities associated with entertainment. We hope that all people in this world, who want “to have fun, be satisfied and smile every day,” will continue living each day filled with joy. A casual everyday situation turns into something more enjoyable and everyone is having fun before one realizes it. To increase such moments, we have fun while taking initiatives seriously at all times, and get excited ourselves in the hope of stirring new forms of “fun” around the world. Under this philosophy, Bandai Namco Entertainment is working to put in place an environment suitable for a company that delivers “more fun for everyone” and enhancing systems to support its employees. For example, we implement educational and training programs by which employees can learn while having fun, and adopt a welfare system in which employees can make use of the benefits in accordance with their lifestyles.

Entertainment Unit (Toys and Hobby Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by BANDAI, the business management company.

At BANDAI, our personnel policy is based on the concept of “diverse talents sharing the same spirit” where each of us demonstrates his or her own skills and personalities while sharing the strong motivation to create “happy moments.”

We consider BANDAI to be a collective entity of “diverse talents” that share the “same spirit” of “delivering dreams and inspiration to people.” There are abundant opportunities for employees who proactively create work, and equal opportunities are out there for all employees, from those in managerial positions to those who newly joined the company. We expect our employees to make the most of whichever stage they are on at BANDAI.

Supply Chain Management

BANDAI conducts BANDAI Factory Audits (BFA), which combine new plant audits and Code of Conduct (COC) audits, at overseas final packaging plants (166 plants in FY2021.3) that make BANDAI products. BFAs are performed in accordance with the proprietary BFA Manual, and with the fundamental policy based on the “BANDAI COC Declaration” which declares compliance with the eight standards, i.e. forced labor, child labor, working hours, wages and allowances, punitive action, discrimination, environmental protection and origin of products.

The “BANDAI COC Declaration,” control manuals, matters that require attention, and other related information are made available in Japanese, English, and Chinese languages, and are posted on the website for manufacturers in an effort to help suppliers understand the latest status whenever necessary.

BFA conducted at a Chinese manufacturing plant

▲ BANDAI COC Declaration

IP Production Unit (Visual and Music Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Arts, the business management company.

At Bandai Namco Arts, the basic policy is to create an environment in which all employees share the mission of “enriching the hearts of people around the world through IP production focused on visuals and music” and each employee can demonstrate their skills to the fullest. In addition, we are enhancing various systems to support the growth of employees.

IP Production Unit (Creation Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by SUNRISE, the business management company.

Various things are required when making a completely original creation, including flexible ideas that challenge preconceived notions, the ability to think several steps ahead of the current times, and a strong conviction to fearlessly trying new things. Our employees are encouraged to build frontiers from thin air with a sense of responsibility and pride, which means to promote our original creation, and challenge ourselves to expand the values of our products abundantly as they provide people around the world with hope, excitement, inspiration, happiness, and courage.

Amusement Unit

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Amusement, the business management company.

At Bandai Namco Amusement, we consider it our mission to provide customers with experiences beyond their imaginations without being confined to conventional business schemes as a provider of real entertainment content and create a “new world of fun” where there are no boundaries between “online and real” or “virtual and real.”

We also recognize that “real” venues, which offer points of contact with customers, are indispensable as an exit of the IP axis strategy of the Bandai Namco Group.

In order to also continue delivering unique entertainment experiences for the entire world by leveraging the comprehensive strength of the Bandai Namco Group, we intend on implementing employment, systems, and education to support employees with diverse personalities to take on active roles with enthusiasm.

Affiliated Business Companies

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by Bandai Namco Will, Bandai Namco’s special subsidiary.

Bandai Namco Will is a special subsidiary certified under the Act on Promotion, etc., of Employment of Persons with Disabilities. The company promotes hiring and retaining employment of persons with disabilities by the Bandai Namco Group and supports the businesses of Group companies. Bandai Namco Will aims at creating an environment in which the varying personalities of employees are respected with each individual pursuing their potential and growing by utilizing their skills and having each employee realize that they are contributing to society by engaging in business operations.