Employment and Appointment of Diverse Human Resources

The Bandai Namco Group respects the diversity of employees, and each of Group company carries out personnel management (employment, assignment, development, evaluation, remuneration, employee benefits, etc.) according to their respective characteristics. The Group’s basic policy on employment and appointment is to carry out employment and appointment without being particular about whether the person is a new graduate or mid-career, or their gender, age or nationality. On this page, we introduce the specific approaches taken by the business management company of each Unit (business).

Entertainment Unit (Digital Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namo Entertainment, the business management company.

Bandai Namco Entertainment aims to maximize its content value and therefore strives to secure new employees hired after graduation and mid-career hires who: “demonstrate strong motivation to grow”, “are interested in a broad range of entertainment”, “are willing to create and promote new businesses. Furthermore, in recent years, we have also been focusing on hiring individuals with global competence who can take on active roles globally in line with the expansion of content overseas. We will continue to hire and appoint human resources who can respond to the increasing diversification and borderless trends in the network entertainment market.

Entertainment Unit (Toys and Hobby Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by BANDAI, the business management company.

The work performed at BANDAI is based on the spirit of “autonomy and independence.” Our corporate climate is such that any employee, who proactively takes action, gets others involved enthusiastically and presents a specific plan, is actively encouraged to proceed with the work. Additionally, since the characteristics and BANDAI brand positioning are different for each department’s market, job rotations allow for the acquisition of a wide variety of experience. BANDAI will continue to actively globalize its workforce to respond to the expanding entertainment market around the world.

IP Production Unit (Visual and Music Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Arts, the business management company.

At Bandai Namco Arts, we are looking for human resources with the will to “do jobs that only we can do”. In order to deliver excellent entertainment that will remain in the hearts of as many people as possible, we recognize the importance of leveraging the strengths of each employee, and taking advantage of a diverse range of personalities. We will aim to become the No. 1 corporate group in visual, music, and live events, by continuing to realize the potential that only Bandai Namco Arts can achieve.

IP Production Unit (Creation Business)

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by SUNRISE, the business management company.

Based on the corporate philosophy of “Building frontiers out of thin air”, SUNRISE works to secure human resources that undertake the creation of next-generation IPs. Creating original IPs is no easy task. Having strong determination to take on challenges without being afraid of failing is important in creating something and producing it. We hire talent who harbor a passion for the creative arts, along with a sense of responsibility and resolve as creators to bring excitement to people around the world.

Amusement Unit

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2021.3 by Bandai Namco Amusement, the business management company.

At Bandai Namco Amusement, employees take on active roles in a broad range of jobs, from product development, i.e. generating fun content, to location operation, i.e. operating facilities where we provide customers with real entertainment experiences. We also encourage active job rotation to promote accumulation of a wide range of experiences and anticipate employees will grow by taking on challenges without being confined to boundaries. Therefore, we actively hire and appoint individuals who can generate innovation for themselves, for the team, and for the job by demonstrating potential for passion, creation, reliability, and responsibility.

Career Challenge System / Facility Professional Full-Time Employee

At Bandai Namco Amusement, we recognize the importance of human resources that support the operation of facilities offering real entertainment experiences and deliver fun to customers. To that end, we adopt the Career Challenge System to put in place an environment in which part-time workers and contract employees (partner employees) can find their jobs attractive and take on active roles with enthusiasm. It is a system where job grades are set according to each role and workers can aim to upgrade their rank to a higher grade based on periodic appraisals. We have a company-wide test for high-level job grades and offer workers opportunities to enhance skills outside their current workplaces by supporting them to take and pass the exam.

While our basic principle is set on having employees work closely in a region of their preference, such as where one was born and raised, in order to expand opportunities for workers to demonstrate competence, we adopt an employee category called “facility professional full-time employee.” This applies to store managers and other workers who continue to take active roles in jobs specific to the facility operation. We actively hire and appoint workers to this category.