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Sending additional donations for the victims and areas devastated by the East Japan Great Earthquake

In addition to the 100 million yen remitted in March, the BANDAI NAMCO Group has now sent another 40,992,841 yen in donations to the victims and areas devastated by the East Japan Great Earthquake. The amount is the sum total of funds raised by employees at companies in Japan and abroad, and a part of sales proceeds for the business. From now on, we will continue activities to conserve electricity at Group locations and amusement facilities as well as doing everything in the power of the BANDAI NAMCO Group to bring about a recovery as soon as possible.

40,992,841 yen (remitted via the Japanese Red Cross Society)

Funds collected by Group companies in Japan and abroad
/ Sales related to TAIKO: Drum Master at Namco amusement facilities • Fund collection at the facilities/ A part of the entrance fees to Asakusa Hanayashiki/ Fund collection organized by Lantis Co., Ltd.

* Main support activities until now
• Remitted 100 million yen via the Japanese Red Cross Society
• Sent Bandai toys and children’s clothing via the Japan Toy Association
• BANDAI AMERICA INC. remitted 134,400 USD via the American Red Cross