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CSR Initiatives

Environmental Consideration

*Business segments and activities are as of the fiscal year ended March 2018.

Toys and Hobby

Environmental Management

In the Toys and Hobby Business, we have in place the CSR Committee system where the core company, BANDAI, maintains the secretariat, the executive Vice President and Representative Director of BANDAI serves as the chairman and related business departments and business companies participate as members. The secretariat leads the environmental activities, including the formulation of policies and promotion of sub-committees, as well as encourages the implementation of environmental activities based on respective targets set. At the CSR Committee, we report on the targets set at the beginning of the fiscal year at the quarterly regular meetings to share the progress and issues.

FY2018.3 Toys and Hobby Business Segment CSR Committee Organizational Structure

In FY2018.3, at the subcommittee meetings attended by representatives of companies in the Toys and Hobby Business, we promoted specific initiatives related to “environmentally friendly design”, “resource recycling”, “universal design” and “energy saving” as initiatives across all companies, including the introduction of such initiatives in the actual products.

Approach to Environmental Initiatives

Promoting Eco Medals for Environmentally Friendly Products

The “Eco Medals” certification system is an environmental initiative that was launched in February 2016. The certification applies to all products handled by our toys and hobby business, and products that meet the internal standards for environmental friendliness are certified as Eco Medal products.

Evaluations are made in three categories comprising the elements of a product – the product itself, the packaging, and the instruction manual, etc. By the end of March 2018, 74 products had been recognized to meet the standards and certified as Eco Medal products. We promote dissemination of this Eco Medal mark to consumers by attaching labels to product packages and displaying the mark on BANDAI’s website.

Eco Medal
Example of Eco Medal package labeling (The label shows that the runners, which are discarded after assembly, have been reduced by approximately 20%.)
Certified products may be checked by looking for the label on the package or on the website
Certified products may be checked by looking for the label on the package or on the website (http://www.bandai.co.jp/csrkids/)
Reduction of Material & Recycling of Gashapon® (capsule-toy vending machines) Capsule Containers

In March 2013, BANDAI began using only one type of plastic, PP (polypropylene) for its Gashapon® capsule container instead of two types of plastic materials conventionally used and launched “MONO capsule”, which is approximately 60% lighter in weight than the previous capsule. Today, almost all capsules have been converted to MONO capsule (with the exception of products where the capsule is a product in itself).

While promoting activities to reduce the amount of plastic used, we began collecting on a trial basis empty capsules abandoned at stores and recycling them in FY2009.3. In the initial year of FY2010.3, we collected approximately 3.7 tons of empty capsules. In FY2018.3, we collected roughly 7.7 tons as a result of increasing the amount of collection at each collection site. The empty capsules collected are recycled into trays for shoe boxes, stakes for construction sheets, etc.

MONO capsule
MONO capsule
Empty capsule collection box placed at a store
Empty capsule collection box placed at a store

Network Entertainment
(Current Network Entertainment and Real Entertainment)


In January 2012, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment formulated the “environmentally friendly design guidelines” for arcade game machines sold in Japan. These guidelines include four standards for chemical substance management, energy saving, designs that facilitate recycling, and resource conservation. Products that clear specific levels of these standards are certified as “Eco-Amusement” products (35 models as of March 31, 2018).

*Effective April 2018, the arcade game business was transferred to BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc.

Four criteria for Eco-Amusement
Chemical Substance Management
The selection of parts takes into account internal green procurement criteria, and chemical substances that have an adverse influence on the human body or the environment are controlled.
Energy Saving
The consumption of energy resulting from the operation of products is being reduced. For example, energy-saving parts are proactively utilized, and energy-saving control features are incorporated into the specifications.
Resource Conversation
To protect products and maintain quality, only the necessary amounts of packaging and wrapping are used. In this way, steps are being taken to conserve resources by avoiding waste.
Designs that Facilitate Recycling
Designs are being created for products that can be operated for long periods of time and are easy to disassemble. For example, the molded parts include the names of the materials, and the principal parts are designed to be easy to exchange.
Eco-label attached to “Eco-Amusement” certified products
Eco-Amusement certified products
Time Crisis 5
”Time Crisis 5”
©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Green Procurement Initiative

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is working to implement green procurement throughout the supply chain. Since cooperation with suppliers is essential in advancing green procurement, we provide information to and share information with suppliers through a website exclusively for suppliers.

Enhancing Environmental Awareness and Delivering Information

To enhance the environmental awareness of employees, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment takes initiatives, such as regularly holding seminars about the environment and issuing various internal media.

Seminar on the Environment
Seminar on the Environment
Information delivery media for employees
Information delivery media for employees

In addition, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment holds lectures in outside seminars and actively deliver various types of information to its business partners and general consumers.

Giving a lecture in an external seminar
Giving a lecture in an external seminar

Environmental Campaigns

In addition to participating in the Lights Down Campaign promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment implements COOL BIZ in the summer months and WARM BIZ in the winter months. Further, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment holds the “CO2CO2 Campaign” which encourages CO2 reduction to users of company cars. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment also engages in activities to encourage drivers to apply “eco-driving” techniques, such as the use of soft acceleration and engine braking.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Facilities

We are moving forward with energy-saving measures for existing devices and equipment at our amusement facilities. For example, we have replaced halogen lamps and fluorescent lighting with LED lamps for use in some stores, crane game machines, large medal pusher game machines, single medal machines, etc., in an effort to decrease electricity consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The amusement facilities have introduced newly developed LEDs for their machines with cooperation from manufacturers. LED’s long-life feature has led to decreasing the rate of lighting failure and reducing replacement costs while lower electricity consumption has also led to reducing electricity charges.

Visual and Music Production
(Current Visual and Music Production and IP Creation)

Environmental Consideration in Live Events

At BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative, we are aggressively utilizing LED lighting at live events and taking other steps to save energy. In addition, by reusing stage scenery, we are working to reduce the use of natural materials such as wood.

LED lighting was used at “Kiramune Music Festival 2017”
LED lighting was used at “Kiramune Music Festival 2017”
©Kiramune Project

Visual and Music Production Business also makes an effort to sell reusable goods at live events. In addition to selling original eco bags at the event site, we sold battery-based pen lights that can be used repeatedly instead of disposable pen lights, which are used during live events.

Battery-based pen light sold at the “Kiramune Music Festival”
Battery-based pen light sold at the “Kiramune Music Festival”
©Kiramune Project

Affiliated Business Companies

Eco Driving Activities

The eco-driving initiatives that BANDAI LOGIPAL and LOGIPAL EXPRESS has been implementing since FY2004.3 have become fully established, and we continue to maintain an 11.0% increase in average company-wide fuel efficiency compared to that when these initiatives were first introduced. When replacing vehicles, we convert to low-emission vehicles. The decision on which type of low-emission vehicle to introduce is made in consideration of the operation status at the newly assigned site and the infrastructure for operating the vehicles.

One of the 3-ton trucks that is used for deliveries around the outskirts of the Tokyo metropolitan area uses 100% biodiesel fuel made from waste cooking oil.
In addition, at sales offices with diesel tanks installed on the grounds, we introduced diesel with 5% biodiesel fuel from FY2014.3 and have continued the use also in FY2018.3.

Top Award Received at the “Eco-Driving Activity Contest”

LOGIPAL EXPRESS participated in the “FY2018.3 Eco-Driving Activity Contest” sponsored by the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation and won the award in recognition for excellent eco driving.