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Policies Regarding Influence on Society of the Group’s Content and Products

To provide Dreams, Fun and Inspiration to people around the world, the BANDAI NAMCO Group values freedom of expression, and we are working to appropriately provide customers with a wide range of content and products.

Implementing Timely Training and Collecting and Sharing Information Related to Ethical Language

Each Unit implemented various training programs related to ethical language. At the same time, we collected various examples and the latest information and promoted information sharing by holding study sessions, distributing mail magazines for employees, etc., so that we can provide products and services that use appropriate language.

Study session held on ethical language
(Photo was taken in FY2020.3; In FY2021.3, training sessions were held online.)

Initiatives for Game Content

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, jointly with Aoyama Gakuin University Project Research Institute’s <Solving Social Problems through Intellectual Properties; hereinafter SSP-IP>, launched research on the possibility of solving social problems using games in January 2021. Based on the key themes, such as accessibility and political correctness (pursuit of social objectives toward realizing social inclusion), and diversity and inclusion in game content, we will pursue our research with the aim of continuing over the long term to provide game content that can be enjoyed with a sense of security by more people.

Introduction of Barrier-Free Voice Guides in Visual Packages

At BANDAI NAMCO Arts, we take initiatives such as by providing voice guides that explain the background to the story and describe the movements and facial expressions of the characters, and displaying subtitles so that people with a visual or hearing impairment can also enjoy visual content.

Supplementary voice for people with visual impairment 7titles
Japanese language voice guide for people with visual impairment 6titles
Japanese language subtitles for people with hearing impairment 35titles
(As of March 31, 2021)
Product with barrier-free voice guide

Initiatives to Protect Intellectual Property (Measures against Counterfeit Goods)

At the BANDAI NAMCO Group, we closely cooperate with internal and external partners to advance measures against counterfeit goods in order to protect the worldviews that IPs have and deliver safe and secure products and services to customers.
We promote the early detection, prevention and elimination of counterfeit products by monitoring markets and websites (including online sales) both in Japan and overseas and applying for import/export injunctions when necessary. Additionally, as a member of the International Intellectual Property Protection Forum (IIPPF), we are working in cooperation with law enforcement agencies and related organization in various countries to create effective countermeasures against counterfeiting.

BANDAI received the Japan Patent Office (JPO) Commissioner’s Award as an excellent company using the intellectual property rights system at the FY2021 Intellectual Property Achievement Awards sponsored by the JPO of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. BANDAI was recognized for its initiatives to maintain a good balance between protection and promotion of character merchandizing from the perspective of intellectual property.

Authentic product

Furthermore, BANDAI NAMCO Holdings CHINA carried out enlightenment activities, such as online program broadcasting, aimed at raising intellectual property awareness jointly with the Shanghai Library in China.

A scene from an online program aimed at raising intellectual property awareness