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CSR Initiatives

Safety and Cleanliness of Products and Services

Note: Activities are as of the fiscal year ended March 2019.

Performing Strict, Wide-Ranging Inspections to Ensure Safety of Toys

Each year, BANDAI handles as many as 14,500 products of which over 8,000 are new products developed in a wide variety of categories. We have therefore established various quality standards to accommodate product features and the diverse needs of customers, and we design and select materials accordingly. For example, we have adopted structures based on the target age range to ensure that shapes of parts are checked and consideration given to the length of straps, etc. hung around the neck, so that they will automatically loosen when a certain load is attached. BANDAI’s quality standards are categorized into three major factors - safety, function, and presentation - and consist of 370 items.

<Testing examples>

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer.
Tests are conducted to detect any toxic heavy metals.
Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry equipment
Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry equipment. Tests are conducted to detect any regulated chemical substances that might have harmful effects on the human body.
Button durability testing equipment
Button durability testing equipment.Button durability is confirmed depending on the anticipated number of uses.
Tests are conducted to see if straps that are hung around the neck are released when the load exceeds a certain level, so that the throat is not compressed even if the strap catches on something.
Push-pull gauge
Push-pull gauge. Tests are conducted to see that a product does not come apart when pulled with a child’s strength and, in the event that it does come apart, that it does so safely.

BANDAI Certified as a Gold Company in the “Best Contributors to Product Safety Awards Program”

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) sponsors the Best Contributors to Product Safety Awards Program. BANDAI received the highest-level METI Minister’s Award in the Large Manufacturer and Importer Category. Having received the award three times in FY2009.3, FY2013.3 and FY2016.3, BANDAI has been certified as a Product Safety Contributor Gold Company.

BANDAI Certified as a Gold Company in the “Best Contributors to Product Safety Awards Program”
Points of recognition
Provision of information based on gathering and analyzing information obtained from customers
BANDAI implements safety initiatives by gathering and analyzing information obtained from customers, and provides information to encourage new product feedback and for customers to find their own solutions.
Initiatives to reproduce high-level safety
BANDAI continues to perform verifications to prevent accidents from reoccurring even if the accident was caused by an unexpected method of use, as well as gathers information through interactions with companies in various industries to share information not only within the company but also among Group companies.
Initiatives to maintain good quality by establishing an awards system for suppliers
BANDAI stably maintains and enhances the quality of products by establishing an awards system to encourage manufacturing plants and manufacturers to demonstrate autonomy, put in place a pleasant working environment, standardizing manpower skills, and taking other initiatives.

Initiatives to Ensure Safety & Security during Manufacturing

The manufacturing of BANDAI products is mostly outsourced to affiliated manufacturers overseas. BANDAI (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. in Shenzhen, China is an important production management base for the Toys and Hobby Unit, and this is where quality control, quality inspections and other safety tests are conducted. We work to gather information and give feedback for enhancing quality assurance activities, reinforce our inspection system and implement a wide range of employee education programs. At the same time, we share product quality issues.

On-site quality control activity
On-site quality control activity
Material inspection at BANDAI (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD.
Material inspection at BANDAI (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD.

At ARTPRESTO, we work to thoroughly carry out quality management of products at production sites by creating diagrams of and managing our systems for maintaining the quality of products and preventing occurrences of defective products in our production processes, and by conducting audits of our plant. In addition, we built and manage a database for the materials we use by type of material and by product title. We also perform periodic checks of newly adopted materials according to the property of the material as part of our efforts to ensure safety.

Activities at Customer Service Center

Our “Customer Service Center” plays an important role as we strive to promote communication with customers. For example, at BANDAI, to respond promptly to the 30 to 40 thousand contacts we receive from customers each month, we keep the comments and requests received at the Customer Service Center in a database while taking the utmost caution in handling personal information. By so doing, we are able to more accurately and thoroughly respond to customers. In addition, we reflect the information accumulated in product development, driving improvement in customer satisfaction.

Activities at Customer Service Center

In-house Enlightenment Activities

To give an example of in-house enlightenment activities to maintain quality, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment holds briefing sessions for departments whenever necessary to share information on products and promotional goods for general consumers, including information on any defect cases and the latest applicable laws and regulations. In addition, with a view to disseminating basic knowledge on manufacturing to young employees and employees who have been reassigned, we have been distributing a monthly email magazine containing information related to product quality since February of FY2019.3

Information delivery media for employees
Internal briefing session

Promoting Acquisition of AOU Youth Advisor Certification

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement and PLEASURECAST are promoting the acquisition of AOU Youth Advisor* certification, a qualification given to those acquiring special knowledge and experience in youth development activities, in an effort to foster sound amusement spots.
Both companies have acquired the certification for 100% of facility managers in FY2019.3 (as of March 31, 2019).

Promoting Acquisition of AOU Youth Advisor Certification

※AOU: All Nippon Amusement Machine Operators’ Unit [Effective April 1, 2018, AOU merged with Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association (JAMMA) and established the Japan Amusement Industry Association (JAIA).]

Conducting Inspections Related to Facility Safety

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement conducts safety inspections (precautionary inspections, self-inspections) of all amusement facilities, including architecture, electrical equipment, fire-fighting equipment and cabinets. We also perform periodic inspections, including self-inspections in addition to statutory inspections, at kids’ spaces and large-scale entertainment areas.

Inspecting electrical equipment at directly managed amusement facilities

At BANDAI NAMCO Amusement’s games facilities, where a number of amusement machines are in operation, we conduct safety checks of equipment used in the facilities. In addition, periodical inspections specific to electrical equipment, including the backyard, are performed by specialists.

Inspecting electrical equipment at directly managed amusement facilities

Safety Review of 3D Equipment in Hamleys Playroom

Injuries, accidents, or other unforeseeable situations are possible even when equipment is highly safe, depending on the way it is used or installed. BANDAI NAMCO Amusement verifies the safety not only of the equipment itself but also when equipment is installed so that customers can use our facilities with a sense of security.

Safety Review of 3D Equipment in Hamleys Playroom

Conducting Safety Reviews of Amusement Machines

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement focuses on the pursuit of fun in games, while at the same time advancing initiatives to enable customers to play with a sense of safety and security. As part of this effort, safety reviews are conducted by a variety of departments, such as development, production, quality assurance, and service. In the fiscal year ended March 2019, we conducted 79 safety reviews primarily for our new products.
In the course of developing new products, we verify the safety of parts that customers come into contact with as well as review the safety of facility staff members when they conduct maintenance work.

Safety Reviews in Development of Arcade Games

Initiatives for Ensuring Safety and Security in Live Events

In holding live events, BANDAI NAMCO Arts and BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative work to implement management with consideration for safety so that customers can enjoy the events with a sense of security.
For example, to prevent accidents and facilitate rapid responses if necessary, the event operation manual contains detailed countermeasures and response methods. We also take such steps as holding staff meetings in advance to ensure that all related parties know what to do in the event of an extraordinary situation. In addition, at certain events that are attended by many customers, we have introduced security measures so that the events can be held safely. For example, we ask for customers’ cooperation as we conduct checks of handbags and personal identification.

Security check being performed

Promoting Safe Driving Education in Logistics Operation

At LOGIPAL EXPRESS, we make sure to provide a series of education programs to drivers to ensure safe driving, from driving aptitude diagnosis at the time of hiring, safe driving training and tour conductor education, to various group training programs, including education at workplaces, eco-driving training, driver contest, and training on causes of accidents.

Driver contest
Driver contest

Obtaining G-Mark Certification for Excellent Standards for Safety

At LOGIPAL EXPRESS, as part of our initiatives to increase the safety of transport operations, we work to obtain the G-Mark certification for the safety evaluation business for motor truck transportation businesses accredited by the Japan Trucking Association to offices with excellent safety standards. As of April 30, 2019, all of our applicable sites have obtained the G-Mark certification.

Initiatives in Traffic Safety Enlightenment Activities

Offices of BANDAI LOGIPAL and LOGIPAL EXPRESS, at which trucks and cars are stationed, provide support for local traffic safety associations and continue to make donations to assist with local traffic safety activities. In addition, during the spring and autumn traffic safety campaigns, we are working to enlighten traffic safety by working together with local police stations and traffic safety associations in the implementation of street-level activities.