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CSR Initiatives

Supply Chain Management

Note: Activities are as of the fiscal year ended March 2019.

Implementing Various Types of Audits

BANDAI conducts BANDAI Factory Audits (BFA), which combine new plant audits and Code of Conduct (COC) audits, at overseas final packaging plants (168 plants in FY2019.3) that make BANDAI products. BFAs are performed with the fundamental policy based on the “BANDAI COC Declaration” which declares compliance with the eight standards, including prohibition of forced labor and child labor, and in accordance with the proprietary BFA Manual.

BFA conducted at a Chinese manufacturing plant
BFA conducted at a Chinese manufacturing plant

At BANDAI NAMCO Arts, we implement witnessed inspections of manufacturing processes at plants that assemble DVD and Blu-ray Disc packages, as well as perform interview-based reviews and plant environment inspections using audit checklists that indicate in-house standards for goods sold at live event venues.

Environment inspection at a manufacturing plant
Environment inspection at a manufacturing plant

Initiatives Taken Together with Suppliers

BANDAI holds supplier conferences every year to share information on safety standards associated with revisions to domestic and international laws related to toys and quality standards set forth individually by BANDAI (held in three locations - Tokyo, Shanghai and Shenzhen - in FY2019.3).
BANDAI has also established the BANDAI Supplier Awards, which recognize suppliers that maintain high levels of performance in regard to evaluation indicators adopted by BANDAI. We are working together with suppliers to improve working environments and quality. Suppliers that receive awards share their know-how by giving lectures to other suppliers about their initiatives on the front lines.

BANDAI Supplier Award
BANDAI Supplier Award

Acquiring Public Certifications in Logistics Operations

At BANDAI LOGIPAL, we have acquired the AEO customs broker certification* and conduct prompt customs operations in accordance with laws and regulations. In addition, we acquire various public certifications, such as the international standard ISO9001 for quality management systems and the Privacy Mark for the protection of personal information, in an effort to provide high-quality services within the Group.

*A customs broker certified by the Minister of Finance as a party which has established a system for cargo security management and a legal compliance structure. BANDAI LOGIPAL became the sixth company in Japan to receive AEO certification.