Harmonious coexistence with the natural environment

We believe that the promotion of business operations that reflect consideration for the natural environment is essential for the achievement of sustainability for society and for companies. Together with a variety of stakeholders, the Group is aiming for harmonious coexistence with the natural environment.

Initiatives to Reduce CO2 Emissions

The Bandai Namco Group has set annual reduction targets for CO2 emissions in each business field. We are working to achieve reductions by taking eco-related initiatives. Groupwide emissions in FY2021.3 were 52,256 t-CO2, a reduction of approximately 29% from FY2014.3. From FY2019.3, we introduced the basic unit* as a method of managing emissions, in addition to managing them by their amount, in our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.
*CO2 emissions per number of employees or total floor space.

See here for environment-related information.

Environmental Conservation Activities Associated with Gunpla

The Bandai Namco Group launched the “Gunpla Recycling Project” in April 2021. With cooperation from fans, we collect runners (plastic model frame sections) from Gunpla (plastic models in the Gundam series) to create the world’s first plastic model products through chemical recycling.
Dedicated collection boxes are installed in approximately 190 amusement facilities directly operated by Bandai Namco Amusement to collect runners from fans across Japan. The collected runners are combined with plastic emitted in the production process from the Gunpla production plant, BANDAI Hobby Center. Some of the materials are used as test materials for verification testing to help realize chemical recycling, and the remainder is reused in material recycling and thermal recycling.

At BANDAI Hobby Center, on top of utilizing the electricity generated and supplied through thermal recycling in this project for the production of Gunpla, we have installed solar panels on exterior walls and generate 56,000 kWh of solar power a year. Furthermore, we have in place a system for reusing rain and underground water and reuse 2,000 tons of water a year as well as take other initiatives actively with consideration for the environment.

Reduction of Material & Recycling of Gashapon® (capsule-toy vending machines) Capsule Containers

BANDAI is introducing “MONO capsules”, which are approximately 60% lighter than Gashapon® capsules due to the use of only one type of PP (polypropylene) as opposed to two types of plastic in Gashapon® capsules. Currently, almost all capsules have been converted to MONO capsules (with the exception of those products in which the capsule itself is part of the product).

We are continually promoting activities to reduce the amount of plastic used. Since FY2007.3, we have been collecting and recycling empty capsules discharged from stores and, in FY2021.3, we collected approximately 6.1 tons. Furthermore, from FY2022.3, we have begun collecting empty capsules also at Gashapon® CAPUSLE TOY STOREs operated by Bandai Namco Amusement (collecting at three stores as of April 2021.) The empty capsules collected are recycled and turned into plastic products such as flowerpots and office stationery trays.

MONO capsule

Empty capsule collection box placed at a store
“Gashapoint Station”

Furthermore, in recent years, we have been launching capsule-less products by eliminating the capsule itself and releasing the toy without the capsule, and these products are becoming popular.

The capsule-less toys are designed so the part that serves as a capsule is instead the head of the toy to which other parts such as the body and arms and legs are attached to come up with a large figure. As a result, these products offer new value and are also certified as environmentally-friendly Eco Medal items. Between October 2015 and March 2021, we shipped a series total of 50,020,000 capsule-less products. Many new products are now being sold, including the popular “Pill Bug”.

Example capsule-less products

©‘76,‘19 SANRIO
©2019 Pokémon. ©1995-2019 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

Initiatives for Resource-Saving & Reduction of Plastic in Containers and Packaging

BANDAI worked to expand capsule-less Gashapon® products and promote the use of new capsules, as well as changed plastic blisters to pulp molds (paper) and further simplified packaging. In conjunction with these efforts, the amount of plastic used in containers and packaging in FY2020.3 was reduced to 2.19 tons per sales of ¥100 million compared to 2.42 tons per sales of ¥100 million in FY2015.3, reflecting a 9.6% reduction in plastic.

At BANDAI SPIRITS, we have been working to change the packaging materials used for Ichiban KUJI products from PET blisters to cardboard. By the end of March 2020, packaging for approximately 55% of all products were changed to cardboard, and we succeeded in reducing an estimated amount of 107 tons of plastic per year.

Promoting Eco Medal Certification for Environmentally Friendly Products

We have introduced an “Eco Medal” certification system for all products in the Toys and Hobby Business, which are given to products that clear the environmental standards we have set.
Products are certified if they meet the criteria set in each category, which include “product body”, “containers and packaging”, and “instruction manual, etc.” In FY2021.3, 319 items received Eco Medal certification. (Up 25% from the previous year.) We are working to promote and spread awareness of this Eco Medal mark among consumers through our product packaging and website.

Example of Eco Medal labels

Eco Medal products can be checked by looking at the package or the website

Initiatives to Reduce Global Warming (Reduce CO2 Emissions) in Facility Operations

We are moving forward with energy-saving measures for existing devices and equipment at our amusement facilities. For example, we have replaced halogen lamps and fluorescent lighting with LED lamps for use in some stores, crane game machines, large medal pusher game machines, single medal machines, etc., in an effort to decrease electricity consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

Replaced the lamps on crane game machines with LED lamps

Installed LEDs for store signs and interior lighting

At our amusement facilities, we are voluntarily implementing the Lights Down Campaign by lowering the lighting to the extent possible without adversely affecting customer safety and crime prevention, and operating the facilities with the lighting from the game machines, etc. With the understanding of the operators of commercial facilities in which our amusement facilities are located, this lights down initiative is implemented only in the areas of our facilities that fulfill the requirements for implementation in terms of lighting equipment, and where customer safety can be sufficiently secured. In FY2021.3, the Lights Down Campaign was implemented in 24 facilities on July 7 and August 7.

Initiatives for Environmental Consideration at Live Events

At Bandai Namco Live Creative (currently Bandai Namco Music Live), we are aggressively utilizing LED lighting at live events and taking other steps to save energy. In addition, by reusing stage scenery, we are working to reduce the use of natural materials such as wood.

Visual and Music Production Unit also makes an effort to sell reusable goods at live events. In addition to selling original eco bags at the event site, we sell battery-based penlights that can be used repeatedly instead of disposable penlights, which are used during live events.

“Lantis Matsuri 2019”, where reusable LED penlights were sold and LEDs were used for event lighting

© Bandai Namco Music Live Inc.

Promotion of Digital Drawings in Animation Production

Bandai Namco Pictures is promoting a reduction in the amount of paper used by introducing digital drawing. Designed to specialize in digital work, our Osaka Studio was established in August 2018, and our Iwaki Studio was established in Fukushima Prefecture in October 2019.
Digitalization of animation production not only restrains the use of a massive volume of conventional drawing papers but also allows the delivery of drawings via a network, thereby contributing to reducing CO2 emissions in transport.

Osaka Studio

Digital drawing being made

Iwaki Studio

Eco Driving Activities in Logistics Operation and Energy-Saving Initiatives in Warehouses

BANDAI LOGIPAL and LOGIPAL EXPRESS have been conducting eco driving activities for more than 16 years, resulting in a company-wide improvement by 20.4% in average fuel efficiency since starting the activities.(As of July, 2021)

One of the 3-ton trucks that is used for deliveries around the outskirts of the Tokyo metropolitan area uses 100% biodiesel fuel made from waste cooking oil.

Eco driving training

LOGIPAL EXPRESS Wins the MLIT Minister’s Award in Eco Driving Activity Contest

In the “Fiscal 2018 Eco Driving Activity Contest” organized by the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation, LOGIPAL EXPRESS received the Award of the Minister of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism awarded to the organization that demonstrated the most outstanding initiatives out of the 665 applicants. We received high recognition for the continuous initiatives taken, such as maintaining our proprietary Environment Manual over many years, implementing fuel efficiency management and education using digital tachographs, and holding driver contests. In the “Fiscal 2020 Eco Driving Activity Contest”, LOGIPAL EXPRESS was awarded the “Excellence in Eco Driving Activities” award.

Furthermore, at our warehouses, we have been converting lighting to LEDs and have also been actively shifting to highly energy-efficient air conditioning equipment as part of our efforts to promote energy saving.

Reducing Domestic Transport by Utilizing Two Ports

In our logistics operation, when importing products manufactured overseas, we use ports depending on the destination, which leads to reducing CO2 emissions during the transport process.