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CSR Initiatives

Together with Local Communities

Note: Activities are as of the fiscal year ended March 2019.

Initiatives for Local Communities

Initiatives at the Head Office

The first and second floors of the BANDAI head office are set up as a museum open to the public in the hope that visitors can have fun there. We place statues of various characters by the head office building in an effort to promote interaction with, and contribute to the local community.

©BANDAI/TV TOKYO・ここたま製作委員会
©Fujiko-Pro,Shogakukan,TV-Asahi,Shin-ei,and ADK

SUNRISE has installed a monument of Mobile Suit Gundam in front of Kamiigusa Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, the nearest station to the company’s head office. This monument is used to support the enlightenment of the fire prevention activity and other such efforts in the local community.


Participation and Support for Omocha Danchi Kyodo Kumiai

BANDAI offers support to Omocha Danchi Kyodo Kumiai, an association related to toys located in Mibu-machi, Shimotsuga-gun in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, by participating and assisting in the events organized by the association for the purpose of social contribution and local community revitalization. We liven up the events through having a Group company organize toy bazaars, operating restaurants and playground equipment with animation character designs, etc.


In BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s BNJ Project aimed at creating new entertainment with local communities and invigorating the entire country of Japan, we are taking initiatives under the theme of “collaboration with local communities” in cooperation with local governments and companies in various parts of the country.

In Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, we held “New Year Fun 2019 in BOAT RACE Tokuyama” in January 2019. ACT SAIKYO, a corporate female badminton team in the region, participated in the event, and active team members who play in the top league and residents of the city interacted while having fun.

BNJ will continue to deploy various types of entertainment suitable for regions across the country by promoting collaboration with local specialty goods and characters while taking other initiatives.

©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Sponsorship of the Tokyo Marathon

With the purpose of contributing to the local community, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has been supporting the Tokyo Marathon, which is the largest-level urban-style marathon race for citizens in Asia, since 2017. Given that our head office is located along the course of the race, we put in place a first-aid station as part of our efforts to support the runners, volunteers and members of the secretariat organizing the race.

Booth Exhibit at the Tohoku-Miyagi Revive Marathon

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment put up a booth at the Tohoku-Miyagi Revive Marathon held in Natori City, Iwanuma City and Watari Town in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan in October 2018.
The Tohoku-Miyagi Revive Marathon is operated based on the concept of having runners run through the disaster-affected regions, including the raised road that was built as a countermeasure against tsunamis, seeing how the recovery in those regions stands today and creating cheerful spirits with visitors to the event.
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment offered entertainment for visitors under the theme of “Let’s Enjoy Miyagi More” by organizing clue-solving games and target-hitting games, setting up a Taiko Drum Master photo-taking spot, and holding other fun activities.

©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Support for Activities of Willing Hearts

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia Pte. Ltd. cooperates with the non-profit organization Willing Hearts in a lunch-box delivery activity where all of the staff members in Singapore help as volunteers in preparing 5,000 servings of lunch to make the elderly and children in the local community cheerful.

Development of AOU Youth Advisors and Activities in Local Communities

To promote friendly ties with local communities and advance sound youth development activities, BANDAI NAMCO Amusement is promoting the acquisition of AOU Youth Advisor qualification by staff. As of March 31, 2019, 100% of amusement facility managers have acquired the certification. BANDAI NAMCO Amusement will continue to work together with local communities to carry out activities aimed at developing sound young individuals.

*AOU: All Nippon Amusement Machine Operators’ Unit (Effective April 1, 2018, AOU merged with Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association (JAMMA) and established the Japan Amusement Industry Association (JAIA).)

A store with an AOU Youth Advisor shows a panel indicating so.

Initiatives Taken through Music

BANDAI NAMCO Arts, BANDAM NAMCO Live Creative, and Highway Star took part in the planning and creation of “Anisong AAA Vol. 7”, a live event of animation and game music by “Act Against AIDS (AAA)”, which supports music activities to increase awareness of AIDS in Japan. They also organized various music events to support the restoration efforts from the Great East Japan Earthquake, such as planning and creation of “Michinoku Anisong Festival 2018 - Eastern Gale” and having artists from Lantis participate in the “Sanriku Connect Festival”.
In addition, a part of the revenues from sales of charity goods sold at the venue where artists performed was donated through the Japanese Red Cross Society to support the areas affected by earthquakes, heavy rain and other disasters.

Sanriku Connect Festival

Initiatives Taken in Regions where Animations are Set - GIRLS und PANZER

BANDAI NAMCO Arts participated in events such as “Oarai Anko Matsuri (angler festival)” at Oarai-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, where the anime “GIRLS und PANZER” was set. BANDAI NAMCO Arts added excitement to the events by arranging a talk show by voice actors, etc., as part of the initiatives taken in collaboration with the local community.

A talk show by the cast of “GIRLS und PANZER” at the “Oarai Anko Matsuri”
©GIRLS und PANZER Finale Projekt

Initiatives Taken in Regions where Animations are Set - Love Live! Sunshine!! -

At SUNRISE, we support the local revitalization efforts in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, where the anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!” was set.
In 2018, we participated in a series of events during the year, including the 22nd Yosakoi Tokaido, supported in wrapping publicly operated buses, and organized a real escape game set in the city’s tourist spots and other events. We collaborated with local residents in invigorating Numazu City. Moreover, the group that appears in “Love Live! Sunshine!!” was selected as “Sansan Numazu Ambassador” - the PR ambassador for Numazu City.

©2018 プロジェクトラブライブ!サンシャイン!!

Activities to Support Disaster-Affected Areas by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Since 2011, the BANDAI NAMCO Group has continued to engage in activities for children in the regions of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
We hold craft classes under the theme of the “Bear’s School” children’s picture book series, plastic model classes and other activities that demonstrate the representative features of the BANDAI NAMCO Group. In addition, together with our shareholders, we donate a total of 10 million yen to Save the Children Japan every year. This donation is used to support the activities for children in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Yamada Town, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture

©BANDAI ©創通・サンライズ

Initiatives to Develop People that Undertake Future Generations

“Capsule Craft Stamp Eco Handicraft Workshop” for Children

Since FY2014.3, BANDAI has been holding eco-craft workshops for children, our future generation, under the theme of “transforming items that normally go to waste into something fun to play with”. Our “capsule craft stamp” handicraft program in which children enjoy making original stamps by putting together empty capsules from Gashapon® and items from a small factory in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan, has welcomed approximately 32,000 children up to March 31, 2019.

Scenes from an event
Capsule craft stamp


Holding On-Site Lessons on Toys

At BANDAI, we offer on-site lessons for children to learn about the environment, universal design, and safety and security related to toys free of charge in elementary and junior high schools around the Kanto area, Japan. We held such lessons, including the programs where we send the necessary lesson materials to elementary and junior high schools across the country, in 115 locations (to approximately 7,500 students) in FY2019.3.


At BANDAI AMERICA, we have been engaging in social contribution activities in local communities through the BANDAI FOUNDATION since 1995. We organize various events and offer charitable donations in supporting the activities of local charitable organizations as a way of helping primarily children and their families live better lives. We will continue to support charities based on the philosophy of providing a sound future to the children.

Participation in “Children’s Day for Visiting Kasumigaseki”

Since FY2017.3, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has been participating in the Children’s Day for Visiting Kasumigaseki, an event organized by the government offices of Japan in the Kasumigaseki area, Japan, with the aim to have children gain a broad understanding about society and the measures taken by the government organizations. In FY2019.3, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment put up an exhibit booth in the IT Strategic Headquarters and held the “Ghost Maker” workshop where children enjoyed making the ghosts that appears in PAC-MAN, which was released as part of the “Catalog IP Open Project”.

©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Sponsorship in “Oshigoto Nenkan (Job Yearbook) 2018”, Career Education Material for Elementary and Junior High School Students

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment sponsored “Oshigoto Nenkan (Job Yearbook) 2018” (issued by Asahi Shimbun Company) which is distributed as a donation to all elementary and junior high schools, the Board of Education, etc., with a view to contributing to career education for children to take interest in jobs.

▲ We cooperated in creating the comic page “How a game is created” providing a reader-friendly explanation on how a game is launched from planning to sales and a company profile page under the theme of “How do you create fun?”

Support for Activities of the Make-A-wish Foundation

In the hope of raising the spirits of children fighting against serious illnesses, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America cooperates with a non-profit organization (Make-A-wish Foundation) and business partners in implementing activities to bring out smiles in children, such as visiting children and giving away game software and other products and inviting children to eSports events.

Accepting Visits from Students

At the sports amusement facility VS PARK (Suita City, Osaka, Japan) operated by BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, we welcome university students conducting research of workplaces and junior high school students taking integrated studies classes, in response to requests from local educational organizations. In FY2019.3, we offered research opportunities to students of St. Andrew’s University and provided learning opportunities to students of Takatsuki Junior High School who chose to learn about VS Park in their social studies program by offering lectures and on-site work experience.

Social studies program at Takatsuki Junior High School

The Asakusa Hanayashiki amusement park accepted junior and high school students from 10 schools in FY2019.3 as part of the work experience program. The work experience program aims at having students understand the importance of working in society and developing social values and work values so that they can become independent adults in society in the future by participating in the following activities:
▶ Learning various details about the amusement facility (history of Hanayashiki, safety operation of the amusement facility, maintenance activities implemented to have visitors use the facility with a sense of security, etc.)
▶ Experience-based learning (being assigned to assist in various operations of the facility, e.g., at the gate and special event corners, serving as cleaners, etc., and taking rides at the amusement facility with a given theme)

At SUNRISE and BANDAI NAMCO Pictures, we receive visits from elementary and junior high school students, offering them opportunities to learn about anime creation and IP production and sharing the voices of workers in the animation industry. In 2018, we received visits from 7 groups (29 students).

Implementing and Supporting Children’s Environmental Activities

As a partner of Junior Eco-Clubs that lets children voluntarily take initiatives on environmental issues and learn about the environment, the BANDAI NAMCO Group sponsors various activities. In addition, Group employees and their families participate in the activities to learn about the environment.

What are Junior Eco-Clubs?

Backed by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Japan Environment Association supports the environmental initiatives of children while promoting collaboration with local governments, companies and organizations. There are approximately 1,800 Junior Eco-Clubs across the country with members totaling about 100,000 as of March 2019.

Lumberjack experience (organized by “Houtoku School”, a registered Junior Eco-Club)

Delivering Culture

Operation of “Omochanomachi BANDAI Museum”

In April 2007, BANDAI opened the “Omochanomachi BANDAI Museum” in Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. We operate the museum to display the toy collection and the Edison collection owned by BANDAI to the public and to provide opportunities for children to study, specialists to conduct research, and visitors to enjoy the museum for recreational purposes.

Omochanomachi BANDAI Museum

The museum is composed of sections based on four themes: Japanese Toys, Antique Toys from Around the World, Edison’s Inventions, and Hobby (Gunpla), and regularly displays a collection of 9,000 pieces (of which 7,000 pieces are BANDAI products) out of the approximately 35,000 pieces owned.

BANDAI Children’s Questionnaire

Since 1995, BANDAI has been conducting a series of surveys called the “BANDAI Children’s Questionnaire” as BANDAI’s unique way of understanding children of today. Every two months, we set a new theme and ask parents of children primarily in ages between 0 and 12 to participate in the survey. The results of the survey are made public through mass media and our corporate website.

Initiatives to Hand Down Intangible Cultural Heritage in China

At BANDAI NAMCO Holdings CHINA, we work to hand down fun activities, such as drawing on kites and gourds and making rice dolls, which are part of China’s intangible cultural heritage, to children at schools for children with special needs. In FY2019.3, we implemented our program at three schools in Shanghai. In recognition of this initiative, we received the Public Innovation Award at the 8th China Charity Festival 2018.