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Together with Employees

Note: Activities are as of the fiscal year ended March 2019.

At the BANDAI NAMCO Group, we strive to put in place an environment in which employees can enjoy working enthusiastically with a sense of security, as well as put efforts into developing human resources that can respond well to changes in the environment.

For the status on groupwide initiatives, please see Human Resources-related Information and the Integrated Report.

Toys and Hobby

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by BANDAI CO., LTD., which is the core company of the Toys and Hobby Unit.

Policies / Basic Approach

At BANDAI, our personnel policy is based on the concept of “diverse talents sharing the same spirit” where each of us demonstrates his or her own skills and personalities while sharing the strong motivation to create “happy moments.”
We consider BANDAI to be a collective entity of “diverse talents” that share the “same spirit” of “delivering dreams and inspiration to people.” There are abundant opportunities for employees who proactively create work, and equal opportunities are out there for all employees, from those in managerial positions to those who newly joined the company. We expect our employees to make the most of whichever stage they are on at BANDAI.

Employment and Appointment of Diverse Human Resources

The work performed at BANDAI is based on the spirit of “autonomy and independence.” Our corporate climate is such that any employee, who proactively takes action, gets others involved enthusiastically and presents a specific plan, is actively encouraged to proceed with the work. In addition, since the culture and the positioning of the BANDAI brand differs depending on the market handled by each department, employees can attain a broad range of experiences through the job rotation system. Going forward, BANDAI will actively globalize its workforce to respond to the expanding entertainment market around the world.

Creating an Employee-Friendly Workplace Environment

At BANDAI, we have established life support regulations with the objective of establishing supportive workplace environments for employees in a variety of household circumstances and increasing their motivation to work with peace of mind. Under this system, employees can take additional leave not only when they are ill but also for reasons such as when a child refuses to go to school or situations requiring care for a family member that can be expected in an aging society.

Anniversary Celebration System

BANDAI adopts a system to celebrate anniversaries of its employees and their children. On an employee’s birthday, the manager handwrites a message on an original BANDAI card with the president’s message printed on it and gives the card along with an original pre-paid book voucher of the company as a gift.

Education and Training

At BANDAI, the theme for human resources development is “autonomy and independence”. For new employees, we implement programs designed to develop new employees become individuals who can think, learn and take action on their own. Meanwhile, for mid-career employees, we implement programs that encourage them to look back on themselves and create awareness, and help guide employees to solving issues they face. We implement a broad range of education and training programs to accommodate diverse needs. For example, we provide the “BANDAI NAMCO Adventure Program” for employees hired after graduation to recognize the importance of team-building. We also implement a variety of education and training programs, such as holding the Early Morning English Activity (“Eikatsu”) to support employees enhancing their language skills.

BANDAI’s major education & training curriculums Results for FY2019.3
Adventure Program 51 employees
Third-year employee training 47 employees
Early Morning English Activity (“Eikatsu”) 29 employees

Network Entertainment

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., which is the core company of the Network Entertainment Unit.

Policies / Basic Approach

At BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, we aim to become a company that delivers “more fun for everyone” to our customers through not only our game business but also a wide range of business activities associated with entertainment. We hope that all people in this world, who want “to have fun, be satisfied and smile every day,” will continue living each day filled with joy. A casual everyday situation turns into something more enjoyable and everyone is having fun before one realizes it. To increase such moments, we have fun while taking initiatives seriously at all times, and get excited ourselves in the hope of stirring new forms of “fun” around the world. Under this philosophy, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is working to put in place an environment suitable for a company that delivers “more fun for everyone” and enhancing systems to support its employees. For example, we implement educational and training programs by which employees can learn while having fun, and adopt a welfare system in which employees can make use of the benefits in accordance with their lifestyles.

Employment and Appointment of Diverse Human Resources

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment aims to maximize its content value and therefore strives to secure new employees hired after graduation and mid-career hires who: “demonstrate strong motivation to grow”, “are interested in a broad range of entertainment”, “are willing to create and promote new businesses” and “are capable of working on a global basis.” Additionally, recently, we have also been focusing on hiring individuals with global competence in line with the expansion of content overseas. We will continue to hire and appoint human resources who can respond to the increasing diversification and borderless trends in the network entertainment market.

Creating an Employee-Friendly Workplace Environment

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment values the importance of employees to work with sound physical and mental health. We provide employees with detailed health checkups according to age as well as support the sound mental health of employees via phone consultations by specialists, consultations on health by a full-time industrial physician or public health nurse, counseling by phone, e-mail or face-to-face interviews by an in-house or outside counselor, etc.

Education and Training

At BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, we actively adopt hands-on training programs so that employees can become aware of things on their own. For example, we implement training on business manners using a game method, or have employees learn about the circumstances organizations tend to face by experiencing situations through playing a board game.
We implement training which “is learner-friendly, widens one’s perspective, and can be put to use in one’s job.”

Furthermore, in FY2019.3, we introduced an elective-type training program for responding to individual needs on top of stratified training so that employees can develop with a sense of speed.

Training sessions held
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s major education & training curriculums Results for FY2019.3
New employee training 50 employees
Elective-type training 322 employees
Business creation human resources development training 12 employees

“BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Birthday Party”

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Birthday Party

At BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, we hold a “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Birthday Party” once a month to celebrate the birthdays of employees born in that month. Employees of diverse backgrounds and individual personalities that share the same birthday month come together and the president and directors directly express their good wishes to each employee. We also incorporate a plan with elements of entertainment, which contributes to invigorating communication beyond departments and positions. The BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Birthday Party is a regular internal event held throughout the year.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Birthday Party

Holding the “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Sports Day”

With the desire to generate new fun that wasn’t available before and to have as many people as possible continue to live their everyday lives filled with joy, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment organizes a sports day for its employees and their families. Teams formed by organization compete in various sports, such as beanbag tosses, tug-of-wars, dodgeball, and a big relay race. Participants interact beyond the borders of business departments, and many participate in a heated cheering contest. This event, representative of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s corporate culture, contributes to invigorating the organization.

Holding the “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Sports Day”

Implementation of “Family Event”

With a view to interacting with the families that are always supportive of our employees, and with employees of Group companies, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment holds the “Family Event” by opening part of its head office to participants. In FY2019.3, with support from Group companies, we welcomed over 1,000 employees and their families from 15 Group companies to the event and participants enjoyed trying out the latest games, playing on athletic equipment, watching the hero show, and so on.

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Real Entertainment

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc., which is the core company of the Real Entertainment Unit.

Policies / Basic Approach

At BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, we consider it our mission to provide customers with experiences beyond their imagination without being confined to conventional business schemes and create a “new world of fun” where there are no boundaries between “online and real” or “virtual and real”.
As a content provider in the Real Entertainment Unit, we are aiming to generate unique entertainment experiences for the entire world. Guided by the key phrase “Let’s create surprises!”, we intend on implementing hiring, systems, and education to support employees with diverse personalities take on active roles with enthusiasm.

Employment and Appointment of Diverse Human Resources

At BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, employees take active roles in a broad range of jobs in the Real Entertainment Unit, from product development, i.e. generating fun content, to location operation, i.e. operating the facilities, where we provide customers with real entertainment experiences. We also encourage active job rotation to promote accumulation of a wide range of experiences and anticipate employees will grow by taking on challenges without being confined to boundaries. Therefore, we actively hire and appoint individuals who can generate innovation for themselves, for the team, and for the job by demonstrating potential for passion, creation, reliability, and responsibility.

Training and Education

At BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, we develop human resources with the aim of having employees develop into human resources that generate real innovation to the market.
For new employees, we offer a program throughout the year to learn about thinking on their own and taking action while getting others around you involved and we continue thereafter to support the employees in developing into human resources that generate innovation by providing regular annual training.
In addition, we hold a camp for young employees, which is an outdoor interaction program for nurturing a corporate culture representative of BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, and provide other training programs whenever necessary to support the growth of employees through business activities, such as stratified training, skills training, and trainings by business departments.

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement’s major education & training curriculums Results for FY2019.3
Camp for young employees 40 employees
Managerial-level training 64 employees
Evaluator training 70 employees

Career Challenge System / Facility Professional Full-Time Employee

At BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, we recognize the importance of people who support the operation of real entertainment facilities all over Japan and deliver fun to customers. To that end, we adopt the Career Challenge System to put in place an environment in which part-time workers and contract employees (partner employees) can find their jobs attractive and take on active roles with enthusiasm. It is a system where job grades are set according to each role and workers can aim to upgrade their rank to a higher grade based on periodic appraisals. We have a company-wide test for high-level job grades and offer workers opportunities to enhance skills outside their current workplaces by supporting them to take and pass the exam.
While our basic principle is set on having employees work closely in a region of their preference, such as where one was born and raised, in order to expand opportunities for workers to demonstrate competence, we adopt an employee category called “facility professional full-time employee.” This is applied to workers who continue to take on active roles in jobs specific to facility management, such as a store manager and entertainer or customer service specialist who makes customers smile. We actively hire and appoint workers to this category.

Creating an Employee-Friendly Workplace Environment

At BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, we believe that “healthy mind and body”, “sense of security for the future” and “satisfying use of free time” are essential for employees to be able to fully demonstrate their strengths. To have employees work with a healthy mind and body, we provide support by offering a menu of items including health check-ups, consultation on healthcare, and mental health care. In addition, we have in place various other systems and measures, including the “refresh leave”, which allows employees to take a planned extended vacation, the flex-time system that allows employees to flexibly choose their working styles, and the life support system.
Furthermore, since we operate amusement facilities across Japan, when employees are given an assignment that requires moving, the company provides adequate support, including arranging for residence at the assigned location and subsidizing housing expenses, to reduce the burden on employees.

Visual and Music Production

*Introduced here are initiatives taken in FY2019.3 by BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc., which is the core company of the Visual and Music Production Unit.

Policies / Basic Approach

BANDAI NAMCO Arts operates on the basic policy of enhancing various systems of the company and promoting the growth of its employees to create an environment in which all employees share the mission of “enriching the hearts of people around the world through IP production focused on visuals and music” and each employee can demonstrate his or her skills to the fullest.

Employment and Appointment of Diverse Human Resources

At BANDAI NAMCO Arts, we pursue hiring by focusing on elements which are represented by three keywords: “Communication” essential for work performed in a team, “Creation” based on innovative ideas that are not bound by preconceptions and the past, and “Speed” for demonstrating agility. We hire individuals who have the strong will to “do the job that no one else can do.” We seek to provide types of entertainment that only BANDAI NAMCO Arts can achieve through leveraging the strengths of each employee.

Education and Training

Each year, BANDAI NAMCO Arts implements training on legal matters and intellectual property to the employees of companies belonging to the Unit to have employees deepen their understanding of copyright, which is a basic element in the Visual and Music Production Unit. In addition, we implement training to enhance the knowledge and skills of individual employees, as well as provide stratified training programs and support for self-enlightenment of employees, by adopting an incentive system that helps employees obtain qualifications. In addition, we adopt a system to provide partial subsidies for language school course fees to help employees broaden their opportunities to take on active roles. We are also actively supporting employees to participate in external seminars.

Training on legal matters and intellectual property
Training on legal matters and intellectual property
BANDAI NAMCO Art’s major education & training curriculums Results for FY2019.3
Training on copyright - total of four sessions Total of 211 employees
Training for enhancement of knowledge and skills (e.g., contracts and trademarks) - total of 6 sessions Total of 225 employees

Creating an Employee-Friendly Workplace Environment

With the aim of creating an environment in which employees can work with a greater sense of security and ease, BANDAI NAMCO Arts encourages employees to maintain good health. For example, we subsidize fees for health checkups, allowing even employees in their 20s to take a thorough medical checkup without having to pay for it personally. In an effort to establish an increasingly worker-friendly environment, we have also put in place various systems, such as the life support system, flex time system (no core time set), system to recognize continuous service, work-from-home system, reinstatement support, childbirth and childcare support system, and child-rearing flex time system (may be used up until the child finishes the 6th grade of elementary school).

IP Creation

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by SUNRISE INC., which is the core company for the IP Creation Unit.

Policies / Basic Approach

Corporate philosophy: “Building frontiers out of thin air”

Various things are required when making a completely original creation, including flexible ideas that challenge preconceived notions, the ability to think several steps ahead of the current times, and a strong conviction to fearlessly trying new things. Our employees are encouraged to build frontiers from thin air with a sense of responsibility and pride, which means to promote our original creation, and challenge ourselves to expand the values of our products abundantly as they provide people around the world with hope, excitement, inspiration, happiness, and courage.

Employment and Appointment of Diverse Human Resources

Based on the corporate philosophy of “Building frontiers out of thin air”, SUNRISE works to secure human resources that undertake the creation of next-generation IPs. Creating original IPs is no easy task. Having strong determination to take on challenges without being afraid of failing is important in creating something and producing it. We hire talent who harbor a passion for the creative arts, along with a sense of responsibility and resolve as creators to bring excitement to people around the world.

Education and Training

At SUNRISE, we implement a variety of training programs, including “harassment prevention training” to prevent various harassment in the workplace, “training for employees in charge of staff development” that provides guidance on the skills and the mindset in developing new staff, and external training for mid-level employees to attain necessary skills, on top of the joint training programs held for the entire BANDAI NAMCO Group, such as the “Adventure Program”, “new manager training” and “female empowerment training”.

SUNRISE’s major education & training curriculums Results for FY2019.3
Harassment prevention training 48 employees
Training for employees in charge of staff development 70 employees

Creating an Employee-Friendly Workplace Environment

At SUNRISE, we provide periodical physical check-ups, stress checks and other support for employees to work with a healthy mind and body. In addition, we have in place systems to support a variety of work styles, such as the flex-time system that allows flexible work styles, the discretionary labor system, reduced working hours, and staggered working hours. We also organize in-house events aimed at increasing communication among employees and make efforts to maintain an environment in which employees can work comfortably in many ways.

Affiliated Business Companies

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by BANDAI NAMCO Will INC., BANDAI NAMCO’s special subsidiary.

Policies / Basic Approach

BANDAI NAMCO Will is a special subsidiary certified under the Act on Promotion, etc., of Employment of Persons with Disabilities. The company promotes hiring and retaining employment of persons with disabilities by the BANDAI NAMCO Group and supports the businesses of Group companies. BANDAI NAMCO Will aims at creating an environment in which the varying personalities of employees are respected with each individual pursuing their potential and growing by utilizing their skills and having each employee realize that they are contributing to society by engaging in business operations.

Education and Training

At BANDAI NAMCO Will, we work to establish an environment in which employees can work with a sense of security by, for example, having the Human Resources Education Project Team hold study sessions to deepen understanding of disabilities for instructors who directly supervise employees with disabilities.
In addition, we are increasing the number of staff with the qualification of vocational life consultants for persons with disabilities (job coaching qualification) and providing highly specialized support for resolving issues (support for job retention).

Staff Commendation System

At BANDAI NAMCO Will, we annually commend employees in recognition for excellent performance at work throughout the year, continuous service (3, 5, and 10 years of service), and active performance in the fields of sports and culture and support for such activities.

Also, disabled employees who take part in the Ability Olympics competition are recognized for skills cultivated while carrying out their daily work duties.

Kanagawa Ability Olympics event

Birthday Leave System

BANDAI NAMCO Will promotes employees to take annual paid leaves as part of its approach to promoting favorable work-life balance, and adopts the birthday leave system in the hope of employees taking this special leave on their birthdays to spend valuable time with their families and others. The acquisition rate of birthday leaves in FY2019.3 was 100%.