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Creating an Employee-Friendly Workplace Environment

Toys and Hobby

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by BANDAI, which is the core company of the Toys and Hobby Unit.

At BANDAI, we have established life support regulations with the objective of establishing supportive workplace environments for employees in a variety of household circumstances and increasing their motivation to work with peace of mind. Under this system, employees can take additional leave not only when they are ill but also for reasons such as when a child refuses to go to school or situations requiring care for a family member that can be expected in an aging society.

Anniversary Celebration System

BANDAI adopts a system to celebrate anniversaries of its employees and their children. On an employee’s birthday, their boss writes a handwritten message on a card with a message from the president printed on it and presents it to the employee along with a bookstore gift card. Children also receive a card with a message from the president printed on it, as well as a kid’s gift card, on their birth month.

Network Entertainment

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, which is the core company of the Network Entertainment Unit.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment values the importance of employees to work with sound physical and mental health. We provide employees with detailed health checkups according to age as well as support the sound mental health of employees via phone consultations by specialists, consultations on health by a full-time industrial physician or public health nurse, counseling by phone, e-mail or face-to-face interviews by an in-house or outside counselor, etc.
Additionally, in July 2019 we opened “LIVE-RALLY” on the 12th floor of the Miraikenkyusho building, which is a co-creation space created with the goal of bringing people together to create lively connections and various new ideas. By providing a space with an atmosphere that differs from that of the traditional office and holding a variety of events, we are facilitating communication not only within the Group, but with Group companies and business partners as well.

“BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Birthday Party”

At BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, we hold a “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Birthday Party” once a month to celebrate the birthdays of employees born in that month. Employees of diverse backgrounds and individual personalities that share the same birthday month come together and the president and directors directly express their good wishes to each employee. We also incorporate a plan with elements of entertainment, which contributes to invigorating communication beyond departments and positions. The BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Birthday Party is a regular internal event held throughout the year.

Implementation of “Family Event”

With a view to interacting with the families that are always supportive of our employees, and with employees of Group companies, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment holds the “Family Event” by opening part of its head office to participants. In FY2020.3, the event was held jointly with other Group companies, and a total of around 1,000 employees and family members from 14 companies attended. On the day of the event, we held a class for making sweets, a hero show, a treasure hunt, and had demos of the latest games available.

Real Entertainment

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, which is the core company of the Real Entertainment Unit.

At BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, we believe that “healthy mind and body”, “sense of security for the future” and “satisfying use of free time” are essential for employees to be able to fully demonstrate their strengths. To have employees work with a healthy mind and body, we provide support by offering a menu of items including health check-ups, consultation on healthcare, and mental health care. In addition, we have in place various other systems and measures, including the “refresh leave”, which allows employees to take a planned extended vacation, the flex-time system that allows employees to flexibly choose their working styles, and the life support system.
Furthermore, since we operate amusement facilities across Japan, when employees are given an assignment that requires moving, the company provides adequate support, including arranging for residence at the assigned location and subsidizing housing expenses, to reduce the burden on employees.

Visual and Music Production

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by BANDAI NAMCO Arts, which is the core company of the Visual and Music Production Unit.

With the aim of creating an environment in which employees can work with a greater sense of security and ease, BANDAI NAMCO Arts encourages employees to maintain good health. For example, we subsidize fees for health checkups, allowing even employees in their 20s to take a thorough medical checkup without having to pay for it personally. In an effort to establish an increasingly worker-friendly environment, we have also put in place various systems, such as the life support system, flex time system (no core time set), system to recognize continuous service, work-from-home system, reinstatement support, childbirth and childcare support system, and child-rearing flex time system (may be used up until the child finishes the 6th grade of elementary school).

IP Creation

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by SUNRISE, which is the core company for the IP Creation Unit

At SUNRISE, we provide periodical physical check-ups, stress checks and other support for employees to work with a healthy mind and body. In addition, we have in place systems to support a variety of work styles, such as the flex-time system that allows flexible work styles, the discretionary labor system, reduced working hours, and staggered working hours. We also organize in-house events aimed at increasing communication among employees and maintain an environment in which employees can work comfortably in many ways.

Affiliated Business Companies

*Introduced here are initiatives taken by BANDAI NAMCO Will, BANDAI NAMCO’s special subsidiary.

Staff Commendation System

At BANDAI NAMCO Will, we annually commend employees in recognition for excellent performance at work throughout the year, continuous service (3, 5, and 10 years of service), and active performance in the fields of sports and culture and support for such activities.

Also, disabled employees who take part in the Ability Olympics competition are recognized for skills cultivated while carrying out their daily work duties.
For the 2019 Ability Olympics, five employees won at the Tokyo competition, five employees won at the Kanagawa competition, and one employee participated in the national competition as a representative of Tokyo.

National Ability Olympics
Tokyo Ability Olympics
Kanagawa Ability Olympics event

Birthday Leave System

BANDAI NAMCO Will promotes employees to take annual paid leaves as part of its approach to promoting favorable work-life balance, and adopts the birthday leave system in the hope of employees taking this special leave on their birthdays to spend valuable time with their families and others. The acquisition rate of birthday leaves in FY2020.3 was 100%.