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CSR Initiatives

CSR Initiatives

BANDAI NAMCO Group CSR Statement

At BANDAI NAMCO, CSR activities are “Fun For the Future!”. Our work is to provide inspiration to customers by realizing individual ideas of “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration.”

fun for the future

In turn, those “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration” provide healing and encouragement as they spread around the world. We believe that “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration” can change the world, and even change the future.
As a company that provides “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration,” our relationship with the natural environment and society will be guided by the key words “Fun For the Future!” We will implement CSR activities that lead to happiness for stakeholders by featuring fun today while also contributing to the creation of fun tomorrow.

BANDAI NAMCO Group’s CSR Management

Themes that require special initiatives have been identified as the “BANDAI NAMCO Group’s Important CSR Themes.” In addition, each business segment formulates its own “CSR Major Initiative Themes” and leverages the special characteristics of its operations to implement activities in accordance with those themes.


CSR Concept

Formulation of Important CSR Themes

Aiming to further enhance the effectiveness of CSR activities, we formulated the BANDAI NAMCO Group’s Important CSR Themes at the meeting of the Group CSR Committee and are promoting them from FY2010.3 as well as reviewing them periodically. With consideration for the influence that companies have on society in addressing the various social issues that surround the Group, we implemented multifaceted initiatives to identify and evaluate themes that require special initiatives. In this way, we formulated the BANDAI NAMCO Group’s Important CSR Themes. As a company that provides “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration” to customers around the world, each individual employee will advance initiatives in line with these important themes, hoping this will lead toward the resolution of social issues.

Important CSR Theme Formulation Process

In formulating the BANDAI NAMCO Group’s Important CSR Themes, we advanced through a process of reconfirming which CSR themes are the most important from the perspective of the BANDAI NAMCO Group and its stakeholders. First, we interviewed four outside experts to identify the needs of society surrounding the Group. Next, based on a variety of information, such as reports on investigations conducted by external organizations, we then compiled 68 specific items related to CSR activities. We evaluated these items from the perspectives of the Mid-term Plan, guidelines, and the other sources listed below, and subsequently organized and classified them. Through this process, we established the four Important CSR Themes.

Important Viewpoints for the Formulation of the Themes

1. BANDAI NAMCO Group guidelines related to CSR
2. BANDAI NAMCO Group Mid-term Plan
3. Standards such as the GRI Guidelines, ISO 26000(Japanese translation), and the Ministry of the Environment’s Environmental Report Guidelines
4. Initiatives of corporations with innovative CSR activities
5. Opinions of outside experts

Opinions and Approaches that We Referenced for the Formulation of the Themes

Opinions of Stakeholders
  • Interviews with outside experts
  • Third-party opinions in CSR reports
  • Reports on investigations conducted by external organizations (Sustainable Brand Survey, Global NGO Survey (E-Square Inc.), etc.)
The BANDAI NAMCO Group’s Policies
  • BANDAI NAMCO Group Corporate Philosophy
  • BANDAI NAMCO Group Compliance Charter
  • CSR Initiatives
  • BANDAI NAMCO Group Environmental Policy
  • BANDAI NAMCO Group Environmental Vision
  • BANDAI NAMCO Group Basic Policy on Social Contribution
  • BANDAI NAMCO Group Mid-term Plan

BANDAI NAMCO Group’s CSR Promotion System

The Group CSR Committee comprises the presidents of the core companies of the business segments. In this way, the Group is making decisions rapidly and advancing CSR activities in a manner that is integrated with operations.

CSR Promotion System

CSR Promotion System