BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.

IR Information

IR Policy

Always at the forefront of the times, the BANDAI NAMCO Group aims to be “the worlds' most inspiring entertainment group” that can continue to provide people of all ages around the world with “dreams, fun, and inspiration.” Naturally we want to be “the worlds' most inspiring company” for our investors as well! We view our website as an important tool for the impartial and up-to-date communication of information to the investment community. We will therefore be posting as much information as possible that in our opinion adds to investors' understanding of our group.

1.Benchmark for disclosure of information

We disclose information in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Law as well as the rules by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We also disclose information in a fairly and timely manner through our web site and explain the operating results and business conditions in the news letter to our shareholders. results and business conditions in the news letter to our shareholders. In addition,information raised by the company in the course of individual meetings and corporate presentation sessions with institutional investors and securities analysts are restricted to those facts that have already been made public, those facts that are common knowledge, and general business conditions. We will under no circumstances discuss “material facts” that have not been made public.

2.Strengthening IR opportunities

We want to be a highly transparent company that can communicate our management strategies and business policies to shareholders clearly. For that reason, we will more fully develop the occasions where our management will talk directly with domestic and overseas private investors, institutional investors, and securities analysts, for example through company presentation sessions and business result presentation sessions.

3.Thorough internal application of IR policy

From time to time, we will test all of our employees to check that they are completely familiarized with its IR policy. The members at BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc. respond to all inquiries received from private investors, institutional investors, and securities analysts, in order to protect the Group and its employees in their legal responsibilities, for example under the Securities and Exchange Law.

4.IR quiet periods

We employ a practice of IR quiet periods, during which our officers and employees refrain from making any comments to specific investors or the media about our business prospects, results, or projections. During these periods, our company holds no individual meetings or corporate presentation sessions. September 28, 2007