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Corporate Governance

Fundamental Approach to Corporate Governance

As the "Leading Innovator in Global Entertainment", BANDAI NAMCO will continue to provide "Dreams, Fun and Inspiration" to people around the world through entertainment based on creativity and boundless enthusiasm. Our highest priority is the provision of benefits to all stakeholders who support our business activities. We believe that in striving to continually maximize enterprise value over the long term, the bolstering of corporate governance is an important management issue.

Corporate Governance System

The Company is working to enhance the supervision of management. The board of directors includes 12 members, of whom 4 are outside directors. Moreover, in order to ensure that the Company responds to changes in the management environment as promptly as possible and to further clarify the responsibilities and awareness of directors, the term of directors has been set at one year or less.

The Company uses the statutory auditor system. The Audit & Supervisory Board comprises four statutory auditors, of whom 3 are outside auditors. Two of the statutory auditors are full-time. In accordance with the allocation of responsibilities as determined by the Audit & Supervisory Board, each statutory auditor conducts audits, working with the independent auditors as needed.

The Internal Auditing Division rigorously audits business execution, and the independent auditors provide account auditing. With close interaction centered on the statutory auditors, the Company's internal control systems are continually monitored, and all issues are identified and understood and recommendations for resolving those issues are provided.

General Meeting of Shareholders

* The Company has notified the TSE that the 4 outside directors and 3 outside Audit & Supervisory Board members are all independent directors or independent Audit & Supervisory Board members in accordance with TSE regulations.

Main top management meetings attended by Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members are shown below.

Meeting Name Schedule Agenda / Puropose Participants
Board of Directors Monthly and otherwise as needed Decisions / reports on matters stipulated by law, items to be resolved in accordance with authority standards, reports on the status of operational execution, reports regarding CSR, crisis management, and compliance Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board members, other designated employees
Group Business Report Meeting Quarterly Consolidated numerical reports, Unit reports, other items to be reported Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board members, other designated employees
Group Management Meeting 11 times a year Deliberations regarding issues extending across Units, other Group management issues, strategic deliberations Directors (excluding outside directors), other designated employees
Waigaya Meeting Weekly Weekly reports regarding the departments for which directors are responsible Directors (excluding outside directors), other designated employees

Note: Scheduled for fiscal year ending March 2021