Towards the coming“Real Universal Century”



Gundam Open Innovation is a program that makes future dreams and hopes a reality. Reconsidering the “Universal Century” once again, multiplying "Gundam" and "future technology" we solve the "social issues" in this real world and make it better.

The grand world of Gundam is packed full of new technologies and possibilities not yet attainable in the present.
In order to transform these possibilities into realities and advance toward an exhilarating future, we would like to combine the creativity, knowledge, and passion of many people.
By working hand-in-hand with Gundam to make the future concepts you conceive real, let’s create a world bursting with hopes and dreams.

Over four decades ago, “Mobile Suit Gundam” sounded the horn about population growth and deterioration of the planet environment.
This was symbolized by the concept of a new era called the “Universal Century”, which began with the start of human immigration to space.

We confront the vast universe including the earth as a species, not as an individual. This is one of the underlying themes of the Gundam series. In line with this theme, Bandai Namco Group will carry out GUDA toward the “(Real) Universal Century”

Themes of Interest

We are looking broadly for innovative ideas and technologies, related to sustainable themes/domains that could help future society deal with the same problems as the Gundam world, such as over-population, environmental destruction, and space colonization.

Themes of Interest


Partners we seek

We are searching broadly for partners who are experts, innovators, research organizations, pioneering companies, etc. with a vision on innovation of the human race originating from Universal Century or a future society desired by humans, and who also possess expertise in a variety of fields which allows them to advance steadily toward such goals.

  • 01 Deep understanding of Gundam
  • 02 Technology, experience, achievement in the themes of Interest
  • 03 Future feasibility (3-4 year plan)

Program characteristics

Gundam Open Innovation's aim is to utilize various ideas, technologies, and resources, to co-create new values and realize dreams for the future society of Universal Century.

  • Gundam approval
  • Collaborative project
  • Social implementation/presentation opportunities

Grand Schedule 

  • FY2021

    Announcement of selected partners

  • FY2022

    Announcement of action plans with selected partners

  • FY2023

    Disclose progress with selected partners

  • FY2024-25

    Report on activity with selected partners (Presentation)

Project overview video(with English subtitles)


The application period has expired.


Program Overview

Are you looking for any kind of technology, research, or initiative that could help reach the Universal Century?
Yes, as long as it could help reach the Universal Century, we will consider any kind of technological research and development, initiatives, etc., so we are seeking partners across a broad of industries and fields.
Although I do not yet have a specific solution, may I apply? (Is it alright if I only have a theoretical idea?)
Those who have specific approaches and technolgies with the idea will be evaluated higher than those who have only ideas.
Currently, I am a student, not a company that has its own technology. Can I still apply? Is it difficult to apply?
Technology is not necessarily required. Even if you are not an organization, students are welcomed to apply. Those who present specific research and approach methods related to ideas will be given higher evaluation.
Is a formal prior authorization prerequisite for a corporate team to apply? Or can a team of interested persons apply as an entity first and obtain internal authorization lately and as required in the course of the evaluation process if authorization becomes necessary and switch status as an corporate entry? (Reason being that obtaining prior authorization is quite difficult and hinder entry.)
Company internal authorization is not a prerequisite condition. We suggest that you make your entry first and apply for internal authorization in parallel.
In addition to population growth and global environmental deterioration, one can think of other issues, such as population concentration in urban areas, unknown infectious diseases, natural disasters, etc. Would these be eligible?
Yes. We are looking for a wide range of issues that pertains to "Gundam and Clear Vision for a Sustainable Future Society."
According to the grand schedule, 2024-25 announcement is to be the final stage.Do you have any future plans?
For now, our schedule is up to that time, but we are not thinking that it will be the end. Depending on the contents of your proposal, there may be possibilities to plan something thereafter.

Submission for co-creation plan

Do I have to participate in the briefing to apply for the co-creation plan?
No. You can apply for the co-creation plan without participating in the briefing. However, we encourage you to participate in the briefing as it is an opportunity to learn more about this program.
What are the selection criteria?
We will be looking at your level of commitment to both Gundam and the vision clarity for future society, as well as the technology or a highly innovative initiative to support this.
Are there any age, gender, or nationality restrictions for applying to the co-creation plan?
No. None whatsoever.
When will you start accepting entries into the co-creation plan and when is the deadline?
Application period: July 15, 2021 - October 15, 2021.
(1st deadline: August 15, 2021, 2nd deadline: September 15, 2021, 3rd deadline: October 15, 2021)
How can I apply for the co-creation plan?
Apply than "Apply for Gundam Open Innovation" of our site.
Can an overseas company (startup) or overseas development scheme apply?
Overseas or startup, there is no restriction for applying.
"Level of commitment to both Gundam and a clear vision for future society" is listed as one of your selection criteria. Can someone who is not familiar with Gundum apply?
An entry is acceptable as long as it pertains to the theme of our solicitation. However, we hope that you will deepen your understanding for Gundum as you think of you project.
It is said that team entry is possible. Is it correct to assume that a team made up of multiple companies is eligible?
A team consisting of multiple companies or organizations are accepted.
Are the contents of the co-creation plan limited to something attainable by just the entrant and Bandai Namco Group? Or, is it possible to submit a plan that requires participation of third parties?
A co-creation plan need not be limited to something attainable by only you and us. It is possible to have a plan that requires participation of third parties.
Can I update or edit a plan I've already submitted? If so, could you explain how?
Yes, you can update or edit your submitted plan until Friday, October 15th.
Fill in all fields on the entry form again, select "Update/edit" for Item 11, then re-submit.

Details of support

What kind of support will be provided when be selected?
We plan on providing the below forms of support: As a Gundam-approved project - promotion of activity with support of official Gundam brand, provision of Gundam materials, resources, etc., provision of IP materials, resources, etc.; as a joint project – project co-creation and support with a mind to long-term liaison, consideration into funding in accordance with future potential, achievements, etc. for the target area; and as a space for social implementation and announcement – provision of concept social implementation, events, etc.
Does your investment scheme assume investing in a company? or investing in a project itself?
After selecting a partner and proceed with the co-creation plan, we may invest in a company or in a project.

Intellectual Property Rights

Will the ideas of the participating teams be protected?
We will respect the ideas of each participating team to and will not publish them to other teams without permission, except for the announcement of the co-creation plan. However, since there are so many ideas in the world that the participating teams may come up with similar ideas, we do not presume sealing non-disclosure agreements etc. for project ideas themselves.


Why are you holding a briefing?
The briefing aims to help those interested understand our way of thinking regarding this program so that people can apply after clearing up any questions or doubts they may have about the nature of this program.
Are there any conditions to participate?
No. Even if you don’t have a solid plan or are still not certain if you really want to apply to this program, you can participate in the briefing if you are interested in technological research and development, initiatives, etc. in any of a variety of fields.
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