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BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.

About Company

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

This Group Corporate Philosophy acts as the foundation for the Group's decision-making processes and a source of inspiration for every Group employee. In short, it represents the fundamental policy underpinning all the Group's activities. The Group Corporate Philosophy encompasses all the separate corporate philosophies formulated by individual companies in the BANDAI NAMCO Group. Anchored by this corporate philosophy, the BANDAI NAMCO Group respects the independence and autonomy of every affiliated company, aiming to boost the corporate value of the entire Group by maximizing the creativity of these companies and generating new synergies.


“Dreams, Fun and Inspiration”

Dreams, Fun and Inspiration are the Engine of Happiness. Through our entertainment products and services, BANDAI NAMCO will continue to provide Dreams, Fun and Inspiration to people around the world, based on our boundless creativity and enthusiasm.


“The Leading Innovator in Global Entertainment”

As an entertainment leader across the ages, BANDAI NAMCO is constantly exploring new areas and heights in entertainment. We aim to be loved by people who have fun and will earn their trust as the Leading Innovator in Global Entertainment.

Our Symbol


The BANDAI NAMCO Group symbol are used widely by BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc. and its affiliated companies, acting as the visual icon for the entire Group.

Brand Concept

Fusion and Evolution

Like a newly energized life form, two forms organically integrate and fuse, constantly evolving to generate unparalleled Dreams, Fun and Inspiration - a concept represented in the BANDAI NAMCO Group symbol.

Group Symbol Color

Our passion and unbridled approach to entertainment is expressed by the layered colors of red, orange and yellow in the Group symbol.