1.Investment decisions

The purpose of this website is for the investment community to gain an understanding of our company, through information such as its management policies, plans, and financial position. The purpose of this website is not to induce investment activities, such as the purchase or sale of shares in our company. Anyone considering such an investment after visiting this website should do so at their own responsibility and discretion.

2.Information on this website

Please note that our company may amend or discontinue information on this website without prior notice. While our company takes great care over the information that it posts on this website, it provides no warranty concerning the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of this information. Our company furthermore accepts no liability whatsoever for any or all damage sustained as a result of information (including any kind of data) obtained from this website.

3.Forward looking Statement

Projections posted on this website concerning future financial data or business activities are based on the information available to our group of companies at the present time. Since such projections do represent some risk and uncertainty, please be aware that a variety of factors may operate to produce final results that vary greatly from these projections. Some of the material factors that could impact final results are adverse economic environments for our group's businesses, shifts in market trends, and exchange rate fluctuations.

4.Copyright issues

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