Note: Company names are as of the date of this document.


Apr. 2023

A share split was implemented.

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BANDAI SPIRITS CO., LTD., made SUNRISE INC. (currently, Bandai Namco Nui Inc.), a manufacturer of stuffed toys, into a subsidiary.


Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S. made Limbic Entertainment GmbH, which conducts game development, etc., into a subsidiary.


Bandai Namco Aces Inc. is established.

Apr. 2022
  • Introducing Bandai Namco's Purpose as the ultimate definition of the Group and redesigning the corporate logo.
  • Starting the Mid-term Plan, which set forth with the mid-term vision of “Connect with Fans."
  • Shifting from the First Section to the Prime Market in line with the reorganization of the market classification of the Tokyo Stock Exchange​.
  • SUNRISE INC. (video production company), BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc.’s film production business, and BANDAI NAMCO Rights Marketing Inc. merge into Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc.
  • Music business of BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc. (producer of music and other live events), BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative Inc., and SUNRISE Music INC. merge into Bandai Namco Music Live Inc.
Mar. 2022
  • BANDAI AMERICA INC. and BANDAI NAMCO Collectibles LLC merged and renamed as Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles America.
Jan. 2022
  • BANDAI NAMCO Toys & Hobby (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD., merges into BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.

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Sep. 2021
  • BANDAI NAMCO Holdings France S.A.S. and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe S.A.S. merge into BANDAI NAMCO Europe S.A.S.
Apr. 2021
  • Masaru Kawaguchi became President and Representative Director of BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.
  • BANDAI NAMCO Group implemented a reorganization from the previous 5-Unit system to a 3-Unit system in advance of the start of the Mid-term Plan in April 2022.
  • Formulating the Bandai Namco Group Sustainability Policy and medium to long term targets for decarbonization.

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Mar. 2020
  • SOTSU CO., LTD. was made a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • PAC-MAN and Gunpla reached its 40th anniversary.

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Oct. 2019
  • SHUEISHA BANDAI NAMCO (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. was established through joint investment by BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc. and SHUEISHA Inc.
  • BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc. was selected as a component issue for the TOPIX 100.
  • BANDAI CO., LTD. made HEART CO., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary.
Sep. 2019

BANDAI NAMCO Mobile S.L. was established in Spain to handle development, operation, and marketing of mobile content for Europe and the Americas.

Aug. 2019

BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc. was selected as a component issue for the Nikkei 225.

Apr. 2019
  • BANDAI SPIRITS CO., LTD. and BANPRESTO CO., LTD. merged, with BANDAI SPIRITS as the surviving company and BANPRESTO as the expiring company.
  • Establishment of BANDAI NAMCO Sevens Inc. to handle pachinko and pachislot machine related operations.
  • Establishment of BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc., a research company.
  • The company name of SUNRISE MUSIC Publishing Co., Ltd. was changed to SUNRISE Music INC.
  • Establishment of Evolving GUNDAM Inc. to manage “GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE.”
Mar. 2019

Establishment of SUNRISE BEYOND Inc. Transfer of visual production business received from XEBEC Inc. (transfer in April).

Jan. to May 2019

Bases in Shanghai, China, were established by the Toys and Hobby Business, the Real Entertainment Business, and the IP Creation Business.

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Oct. 2018
  • Establishment of BANDAI NAMCO Collectibles LLC, which handles sales of products for the mature fan base, etc., in the toys and hobby business in Americas.
  • Establishment of BANDAI NAMCO Network Services Inc. to operate the network service, etc.
  • Establishment of BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Lab Inc. Transfer of BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.’s amusement machine business.
Apr. 2018
  • The new Mid-term Plan was implemented in April 2018, with the vision of CHANGE for the NEXT ― Empower, Gain Momentum, and Accelerate Evolution.
  • The amusement machine business division of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. was transferred to NAMCO LIMITED through an absorption-type company split, and the company name of NAMCO LIMITED was changed to BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc.
  • Lantis Co., Ltd. integrated with BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD. and the company name of BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD. was changed to BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc.
  • Grand-Slam Ltd. merged into BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative Inc.
Feb. 2018

BANDAI SPIRITS CO., LTD. was established. The mature fan business of BANDAI CO., LTD. and the lottery-related and new businesses of BANPRESTO CO., LTD. were transferred to BANDAI SPIRITS CO., LTD. (transfer in April)

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Dec. 2017

The holdings company BANDAI NAMCO Holdings CHINA CO., LTD. was established in China.

Sep. 2017

BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD. made Actas Inc. a subsidiary.

Aug. 2017

BXD Inc. was established through joint investment by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. and Drecom Co., Ltd.

Apr. 2017
  • A new system that separates the operating company function and the holding company function was introduced in continental Europe.
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s arcade game machine after-sales service function was split off to form BANDAI NAMCO Technica Inc.
Mar. 2017

Shukuo Ishikawa, Chairman and Representative Director of BANADI NAMCO Holdings Inc., was awarded the Legion of Honour in the rank of Chevalier by the French government.

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Tamagotchi and Namjatown reached their 20th anniversaries.

Apr. 2016
  • AmuseLantis Europe S.A.S. was established in France as a base for launching content from Japan, centered on animation-related products in Europe.
  • Implemented restructuring in Asia region. BANDAI NAMCO Holdings ASIA CO., LTD., became the regional holding company.
  • WiZ Co., Ltd. was made a subsidiary.

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Tekken and Tales of … reached their 20th anniversary.

Oct. 2015


Aug. 2015

Lantis Co., Ltd. made Highway Star Inc. a subsidiary.

Jun. 2015

Mitsuaki Taguchi became President and Representative Director of BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.

Apr. 2015
  • Mid-term Plan announcing “NEXT STAGE: Empower, Gain Momentum, Accelerate Evolution” starts in April 2015.
  • Name of BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. changed to BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Division producing IP products for children and families separated from Sunrise Inc.to establish BANDAI NAMCO Pictures Inc.
  • Names of major companies in Asia changed to standard format of “BANDAI NAMCO + region name.”
  • BANDAI NAMCO (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD., established in Shanghai.

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Oct. 2014

Established PT BANDAI NAMCO INDONESIA in Indonesia.

Jun. 2014

The English-language name of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings was changed to BANDAI NAMCO Holdings.

Apr. 2014

The English-language names of 31 Group companies were changed.

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Oct. 2013

BANDAI made Sun-Star Stationery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary.

Aug. 2013

For its 160th anniversary, Asakusa Hanayashiki implemented a commemorative year plan.

Jul. 2013

BANDAI PHILIPPINES INC. puts a production site in operation.

Mar. 2013

NAMCO BANDAI Studio Inc. establishes overseas subsidiaries in Singapore and Canada.

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Apr. 2012

The Mid-term Plan starting from April 2012, setting forth the vision of “Empower, Gain Momentum, Accelerate Evolution,” was started.NAMCO BANDAI Games' development division was split off to form NAMCO BANDAI Studios Inc.Gundam Front Tokyo, a leading-edge entertainment space based on the Gundam series, was opend.

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Apr. 2011

Banpresto Co., Ltd. and Bec Co., Ltd. merged to form B.B. Studio Co., Ltd.

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Apr. 2010

NAMCO BANDAI Live Creative Inc. was established.

Feb. 2010

The Group announced its Restart Plan.

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Dec. 2009

Bandai Corporacion Mexico S.A.de C.V. was established.

Oct. 2009

NAMCO BANDAI Online Inc. was established.

Jul. 2009
  • As part of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project, a full-size 18 meter high GUNDAM Statue erected in Shiokaze Park, Tokyo, is opened in public.
  • NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. made the NAMCO BANDAI Partners S.A.S. a wholly owned subsidiary.
Apr. 2009
  • The three-year Mid-term Plan starts.
  • Takeo Takasu is appointed Chairman, and Representative Director of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc., and Shukuo Ishikawa becomes President and CEO, and Representative Director.
  • NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. and Bandai Networks Co., Ltd. are merged, with NAMCO BANDAI Games as the surviving company and Bandai Networks as the expiring company.
Mar. 2009
  • EMOTION Co., Ltd. music business transferred to Lantis Co., Ltd. after an absorption-type split.
  • Liquidates the Seika Co., Ltd. after a capital and business alliance with Sun-Star Stationery Co., Ltd.
  • NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. acquires majority stake in D3 Inc. and makes it a subsidiary.
  • Announces an outline of the group-wide project that commemorates the 30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam.
Feb. 2009

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S. signs share purchase agreement with Atari Europe SAS, a subsidiary of Infogrames Entertainment SA, and invests in a new game software distribution company established by Atari Europe.

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Apr. 2008
  • Banpresto Co.,Ltd software for home video game consoles and arcade game machine operations were transferved to and integrated with the operations of NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
  • BANDAI (SHENZHEN)CO.,LTD. was established.
Feb. 2008
  • Bandai Visual Co.,Ltd. and Bandai Networks Co.,Ltd. made into full subsidiary through stock exchange.
  • BANDAI SOUTH ASIA PTE.,LTD.was established.
Jan. 2008

Bandai, TYO,and Tsubura production entered a capital and business tieup.

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May 2007
  • BANDAI, the Ishimori Group, and ITOCHU Corporation entered a capital and business tie-up.
  • NAMCO BANDAI Holdings acquired part of shares of Fujiya Co.,Ltd.
Mar. 2007

NAMCO BANDAI Holdings entered a capital and business alliance with Toei Corporation, Toei Animation Co., Ltd., and Kadokawa Group Holdings Inc.

Jan. 2007

In Europe, NAMCO Holdings UK Ltd. was established as a regional holding company and the operating companies were reorganized.

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Sep. 2006

BANDAI made CCP Co., Ltd., a subsidiary.

Jun. 2006

NAMCO BANDAI Holdings made Banpresto a wholly owned subsidiary.

Mar. 2006
  • The facility operation business was given to a re-merged NAMCO.
  • NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. established through the integration of BANDAI's home game operations and NAMCO's home game, arcade game, and mobile game operations.
Jan. 2006
  • NAMCO BANDAI Holdings (USA) Inc.,US regional holding company, established, and affiliated operating companies reorganized.
  • BANDAI LOGIPAL INC. made into full subsidiary through stock exchange.

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Dec. 2005

Transfer a portion of BANDAI's and NAMCO's managements over subsidiary and affiliated companies respectively by a corporate separation.

Sep. 2005
  • NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. established.
  • NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
May 2005

Announcement of management integration between NAMCO and BANDAI

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