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Mid-term Plan

CHANGE for the NEXT 挑戦 成長 進化

Under the Mid-term Plan which started from April 2018, we aim to achieve “CHANGE” to progress to a next stage by continuing to empower, gain momentum, and accelerate evolution without being bound by previous business models and established ideas. The CHANGE concept encompasses change to an IP creating company, change to a new business model, change to a unifying ALL BANDAI NAMCO concept, and change to a corporate group centered on people.

Numerical Targets for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2021
Net sales Operating profit Operating margin ROE
¥750 billion ¥75 billion 10.0% or more 10.0% or more

Main Strategy

BANDAI NAMCO Group aims to evolve the IP axis strategy further and achieve penetration and expansion in global markets. At the same time, we will also strengthen development in regions and businesses with high growth potential. Under the IP axis strategy, we will drive creation of new IP and regionally oriented strategies by unifying the efforts in each region under the ALL BANDAI NAMCO concept.
Moreover, in promoting specific strategies, we aim to be a Group that is changing in all aspects to progress to a next stage rather than being bound by previous business models and established ideas while considering the changes in the global entertainment market environment and customer orientation, the appearance of new competitors, and other factors.

Main Strategy table

IP axis strategy: Accelerate evolution in IP axis strategy

To further solidify the IP axis strategy, the Group’s greatest strength, we will drive creation of new IP while continuing to innovate long-established IP. The Group will undertake creation of new IP in all of its businesses, while collaborating openly with various partners in Japan and overseas.

  1. Boost capability to create IP (structural changes)
  2. Invest aggressively in IP creation

Business strategy: Empower push into new entertainment

To empower a push into new entertainment, we will upgrade and enhance our business infrastructure, expand and strengthen our business fields, and promote incubation.

  1. Establish and enhance business infrastructure
  2. Expand and strengthen business fields
  3. Promote incubation

Region strategy: Gain momentum with ALL BANDAI NAMCO

As we expand the development of the IP axis strategy globally, we aim to change from our previous Japan-centered development to a regionally focused structure. The regional holding companies and the business companies in each unit will form a unifying ALL BANDAI NAMCO concept to advance the Group’s strategies autonomously on a regional basis through their deep knowledge of the customer base in each region. In Japan, we will continue to pursue the No. 1 position in each market, while in Americas and Europe we will expand our network content and home video games, as well as changing our approach in the Toys and Hobby Business. We will also make a full-blown entry into the Chinese market, which is a key region.

  1. Make full-blown entry into Chinese market
  2. Establish system for ALL BANDAI NAMCO

Personnel strategy: Make personnel the core of the Group

The Group seeks to be “a group centered on human resource management, with a focus on entertainment and imagination,” where companies and employees of various individual characteristics can work with motivation and energy. We have been working for some time on such initiatives as training the necessary global personnel, actively enabling personnel exchange, and establishing systems for promoting active participation of a diverse workforce, as well as various systems to enable employees to work in good mental and physical health. In the new Mid-term Plan, we will add to these initiatives by encouraging a proposal system for employees to take up new challenges, and systems for supporting their endeavors.

Correlation diagram for each strategy

Correlation diagram for each strategy