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BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.

Our Business

Our Business


Entertainment Unit

Digital Business

Planning, development, and distribution of network content; planning, development, and sales of home video games

Business management:BANDAI NAMCO Entertinment Inc.

Toys and Hobby Business

Planning, development, production, and sales of toys, capsule toys, cards, confectionery and foods, apparel, sundries, plastic models, prizes, stationery, and other products

Business management:BANDAI CO.,LTD.

IP Production Unit

Visual and Music Business

Planning, production, and management of visual and music content; artist discovery and development; and live entertainment operations

Business management:BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc.

Creation Business

Planning and production of animations; management and administration of copyrights and other rights; production of music related to animations and management and administration of music and masters related to animations

Business management:SUNRISE INC.

Amusement Unit

Planning, development, production, and sales of amusement machines; planning and operation of amusement facilities, etc.

Business management:BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc.

Affiliated Business Companies

Supporting the Units in such areas as distribution, logistics, and administrative services

The numbers of consolidated employees of the Group

  Employees Temporary Employees
Digital Business 3,090 628
Toys and Hobby Business 3,379 2,011
Visual and Music Business 423 27
Creation Business 506 5
Amusement Unit 1,514 5,098
Affiliated Business Companies 814 852
Others 86 0
Total 9,812 8,621

As of September 30, 2021