Entertainment Unit

Digital Business

Planning, development, and distribution of network content; planning, development, and sales of home video games

Toys and Hobby Business

Planning, development, production, and sales of toys, capsule toys, cards, confectionery and foods, apparel, sundries, plastic models, prizes, stationery, and other products

Products and Services

Home video games

We target a wide range of customers and offer a well-balanced lineup of software for multiple platforms.

Network content

In line with diversifying customer needs, we provide a variety of content for mobile devices, PCs, etc.

Initiatives utilizing digital spaces

We have established in-house online distribution studios and are implementing online distribution of events, etc. In addition, we are actively advancing new ways of having fun that utilize digital spaces.

Utilizing a variety of IP in the Toys and Hobby Business

We are rolling out a diverse range of products and services that leverage IP and entertainment value for a wide range of customers.

Vending Machine Capsule Products
Card Products
Lifestyle Sundries
Confectionery and Foods
Plastic Models
Figures for Mature Fan Base
Character Lottery
Prizes for Amusement Facilities
Othello Series
Home Appliances

Press Releases