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FY2021.3 (Year-end)

FY2021.3 (Nine Months Ended)

FY2021.3 (Interim)

FY2020.3 (Year-end)

FY2020.3 (Interim)

FY2019.3 (Year-end)

FY2019.3 (Interim)

FY2018.3 (Year-end)

BANDAI NAMCO Group Mid-term Plan April 2018 to March 2021

FY2018.3 (Interim)

FY2017.3 (Year-end)

FY2017.3 (Interim)

FY2016.3 (Year-end)

FY2016.3 (Interim)

FY2015.3 (Year-end)

BANDAINAMCO Group Mid-term Plan April 2015 to March 2018

FY2015.3 (Interim)

FY2014.3 (Year-end)

FY2014.3 (Interim)

FY2013.3 (Year-end)

FY2013.3 (Interim)

FY2012.3 (Year-end)

BANDAINAMCO Group Mid-term Plan 2012-2015

FY2012.3 (Interim)

FY2011.3 (Year-end)

FY2011.3 (Interim)

FY2010.3 (Year-end)

BANDAI NAMCO Group Restart Plan

FY2010.3 (Interim)

FY2009.3 (Year-end)

BANDAINAMCO Group Mid-term Plan 2009-2011

FY2009.3 (Interim)

FY2008.3 (Year-end)

FY2008.3 (Interim)

FY2007.3 (Year-end)

FY2007.3 (Interim)

FY2006.3 (Year-end)

Mid-term Management Plan (FY2007.3 - FY2009.3)

FY2006.3 (Interim)