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Formulation of the BANDAI NAMCO Group Sustainability Policy - Promoting sustainability activities towards realization of a sustainable society with fans, based on the IP Axis Strategy

Numerical targets set for decarbonization (net-zero by 2050)


The BANDAI NAMCO Group (“the Group”) is conducting CSR activities under the concept of “Fun For the Future!” to realize its mission of providing “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration.” In these activities, we formulated the “BANDAI NAMCO Group’s Important CSR Themes,” which are themes that require a particularly strong focus. We also identified “CSR Major Initiative Themes” that are to be implemented at the activity level of each Unit and affiliated business company and are conducting various activities designed to make use of the characteristics of each business.


Now, to prepare for the next Mid-term Plan, which starts in April 2022, the Group has taken a wider view in light of changes in the business environment and expanding expectations and demands from society. In order to fulfill our responsibility as a member of society in realizing a sustainable society, we have formulated a Sustainability Policy for engaging in activities unique to BANDAI NAMCO utilizing our IP Axis Strategy. Specifically, under the IP Axis Strategy, we will work with fans to promote sustainability activities corresponding to social issues that should be addressed by the Group, such as environmental issues. Furthermore, as part of these efforts, we will promote the identification of materiality issues for activities in the next Mid-term Plan (reselection of Important Themes), and established targets for reducing energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.


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